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Top 9 Best Budget Mp3 Players in 2019



1 ) Sony NWE395 -Best Overall

By Sony

Having an impressive 3-5 hours of sound playback (four hours for video) battery life, Sony’s NWE395 mp3player is a superb choice for commuters and travelers. Even the 16GB of onboard memory offers more than enough space for space for video and 1000s of songs. Even the 1.77-inch display might not feel as a massive video screen in the present tablet-heavy world, but for quick audio clips along with some photos, it is a nice addition to possess without all the bells and whistles of deflected smartphone lifetime. Fortunately, you’ll have excellent quality, as a result of its inclusion of a normalizer that is dynamic, which accounts the volume levels between songs. N Sony offers easy content transfer with drop and drag through a file explorer on Windows and offers support. Creating playlists from your PC through Sony’s dedicated software offers easy transfer right straight back into the E395 for use. The look is typical Sony quality and minimal with the buttons onto the leading.

2 ) AGPTEK A01T -Best for Exercise


Nextto Apple devices, MP3 players have a habit of appearing pretty outdated, but the AGPTEK A01T holds its own in regards to style. It’s slick and slim, built with six touch buttons and a 1.8-inch colour TFT display. Its body is metal and will come in a gold color.

With a smart digital sound reduction processor, it reduces noise to allow you to concentrate on the music. With a built-in pedometer, it’s also a wonderful alternative for athletes as well as the blue tooth 4.0 functionality means you may not need to install with tangled cables. The AGPTEK A01T has 8GB of storage, with service for as much as 128GB with a micro sd card, and will deliver up to 4-5 hours of music-playing or even 16 hours of video-playing to a 1.5-hour charge.

3 ) MYMAHDI MP3/MP4 Music Player -Best Budget


What’s a Good Thing about the MYMAHDI MP3 player?

It’s cheap. That makes it ideal for the person who may possibly perhaps not be the most responsible if it has to do with their gadgets, but wants to pay attention to music away from home. It’s 8GB of storage, which can be expanded around 128GB via a card. Music is easy when connected to a pc to insert via drag and drop, and it supports a variety of formats, including MP3, WMA, FLAC, APE, AAC and more.

your body is constructed of steel and because of the compact size, it's fairly heavy (78 grams), but that makes it even more durable. With a speaker in the back, it also doubles as a mouse using a convenient play back button that is A-B.

4 ) Sony Walkman NW-A35 -Best Audio Quality

By Sony

If you’re on the market for an MP3 player, then it’s almost certainly audio that you’re after. Look no further than the Sony NW-A35, that produces quality. Its S-Master HX digital amp cuts distortion and noise across a vast range of frequencies, as the DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Experience) HX feature upgrades music to high-resolution.

And not only does that MP3 player seem good, but it seems good. Its simple, minimalist design reflects how easy it’s to use, because of its 3.1-inch intuitive touchscreen. You’ll also bask in up to 45 hours of playback period and smooth blue tooth.

5 ) AGPTEK A29 -Best Controls


With 55 hours of playback a two-hour charge, the AGPTEK A-29 mp3player provides strong battery life. The device measures 90mm long and thick, weighing in less than half an hour. The plan is similar to the iPod Nano from the early 2000s with its tall, narrow framework and the classic”click-wheel” controls. It can encourage lossless audio, which is a bonus for audiophiles, \ n While the AGPTEK A-29 doesn’t include many special features. Additionally, it comes equipped with FM radio, an ebook reader (txt format only), and also a voice recorder for memos as well as different sound files. The A-29 holds 8GB of memory, which is enlarged with a micro sd card into 128GB. 

6 ) AGPTEK Clip MP3 Player -Best Compact


Measuring 2.1 x 1.3 x 0.5 inches and weighing just four ounces, the AGPTEK Clip is a streamlined MP3 player at a budget cost. The scale is shaped and smaller much, although AGPTEK sells a slew of budget MP3 players. It has all the characteristics of a good mp3player at a very small package.

The Clip is very good because, as the name suggests, you may clip the gamer onto even a part of clothing or even an armband during your work out for exercising. You also get approximately 30 hrs of battery life, FM radio, and Bluetooth. So far as storage goes, the Clip provides up to 64GB using an external SD card and 8GB of memory. You’ll also have support for files to MP3, WMA, APE, WAV, FLAC, AAC formats in addition. N For sturdiness and its own size, the AGPTEK Clip mp3-player is a choice for listeners who need some thing ultra-portable and ideal for work outs.

7 ) Sony NWZWS613BLK 4 GB Bluetooth Sports Wearable -Best All-in-One

By Sony

Sony’s 4GB NWZWS613 all-in-one is somewhat different from the others with this list as it joins an MP3 player and headset, forgoing the need for headset link and another base unit. It features a wrap-around design for a light yet secure fit and it is waterproof as much as two meters (though it’s perhaps not acceptable for salt-water use), sweat-proof and dust-proof.

It includes a ring used as a handheld handy remote controller and also it can simply just take calls when paired with your phone. To 60 minutes of play back, that’s the best period of time for a good work out, you’ll get right up with a fee that is quick. It is simple to load up music by simply manually simply dragging and dropping your favourite songs, recordings, and workout playlists from iTunes for Mac or Windows.

8 ) SanDisk Clip Sport Plus -Best for Running

By SanDisk

As you conduct, if you’re on the market for a dedicated music player to hear, the SanDisk Sport Plus can be a great choice. At just 1.28 oz and 0.7 x 1.7 x 2.6 inches, then it's ultra-compact. But it's just big enough to still include a screen which means you can navigate between folders and songs (unlike an iPod Shuffle). N the clip onto the back part of the player is actually a convenient way to make sure it does not fall off your own body. It’s also IPX5 water resistant, meaning it will work during a workout or a rainy day. With 20 hours of battery life out of one charge, long runs must not be a issue.

Additional benefits for runners add a builtin FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to use a couple of wireless headphones. With 16GB of storage, SanDisk says you will be able to save 4,000 songs in a variety of file formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV, and FLAC. Additionally, there are choices for 4GB and 8GB .

Need a bit help finding what you're searching for? Read through our work out music players informative article.

9 ) Berennis Bluetooth MP3 Player -Best for Lossless Audio


Most audio players can cost you at least $100, which is the reason why you’d be hard pushed to find a deal that is better . True audiophiles swear by the premium grade of loss less sound, which preserves the uncompressed sound file’s integrity. MP3 formats that are typical compress data to reduce the filesize, sacrificing quality in the procedure. When you would like to take your experience into a different level and have files that are lossless , then a Berennis mp3player provides a way.

This apparatus has a direct sampling rate of 44.1kHZ and a signal to noise proportion of 110dB. It supports all major audio formats, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, WMA, and APE. The device holds 16-gb storage, but supports up to 128GB with ATF card also delivers 30 hours playback on a single charge. It has blue tooth 4.2, also conveys a powerful wireless signal to a wireless earbuds or speakers, without draining your battery.

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