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Top 9 Best Electric Scooters in 2019



1 ) Glion Dolly Adult Electric Scooter -Best Overall

By Glion

Featuring a aluminum framework which 's resistant to rust, the Glion Dolly cushioned lightweight grownup electric scooter can be just a great pick for riding. The builtin 6.6Ah lithiumion battery package and 250-watt motor offer 1-5 kilometers of scope on a single charge, together with 3.25 hours recharge time from zero to full. Capable of traveling 15 miles per hour around, the Glion delivers a ride that is smooth , thanks to its honey comb air less rubber tires. Even the handlebar-mounted battery indicator helps battery life is tracked by addicts, whereas the controls really are waterproof and simple. Weighing only 28 lbs, the Glion includes a retractable handle and roller wheels which make it to be transported such as a bag and the design means the scooter may stand up behind a doorway for storage at a closet or on its own.

2 ) GOTRAX GXL -Best Lightweight


Commuters, meet with your new companion. The GOTRAX GXL scooter is just a potent option for transport, foldable and weighing only over 26 pounds to make it easily portable as you carry it between home, workplace, or car. Built with 8.5″ pneumatic tires, it may absorb bumps and shocks and reduce slipping to create your commute convenient. The 250W motor powers two rate settings, which can reach speeds of about 10 miles an hour and 15 miles an hour, respectively — a tiny LED display can assist you in keeping track of how fast you’re going. With the 36V battery, then you can travel to 12.5 miles before having to recharge, and a process that should only take approximately four hours. Four battery lifetime indexes will alert you when its level is running . Work odd hours, or want a latenight trip? An LED headlight is going to continue to keep you safe when you ride during the nighttime.

3 ) Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter -Best Budget

By Razor

With a price that's sure to please riders of all ages, an effortless method without spending a fortune to jump head first to the scooter world is added by the Razor Power Core E90. Offering speeds around ten miles per hour on a single charge and 80 minutes of continuous usage, the E90 has lifetime for a low price. With nearly twice the battery lifetime of scooters that are high priced, the E90 receives bonus points because being a scooter without the strings or alignment. Whereas the kick-start work takes at least three miles per hour until the motor will kick the retractable kickstand allows easy off and on to get riders of all ages. The hands operated brake is steered by a Pushbutton throttle.   

4 ) Swagtron Swagger Electric Scooter -Best Commuter


You’ll need something which can handle the wear and tear from your daily commute if you’re trying to find a reliable scooter to take to any office. Despite its lightweight, minimalist layout, the Swagger e-scooter is remarkably lasting. The carbon fiber frame supports up to 250 lbs and comes equipped with a spring for smooth rides on terrain that is irregular. In addition, it comprises a 250-watt engine which 's capable of reaching speeds of 15mph and traveling up to 15 miles on a single charge. Particularly when compared to other products on the marketplace, n concerning cruising scope, this scooter features a fairly impressive space. Once you arrive at any office, the Swagger folds for easy storage under a desk. In addition, it boasts one of the fasting charging times on our list at just 1.5 hours.

5 ) Razor E300 -Best Battery

By Razor

Backed by the Razor name that is renowned, the Razor E300 electric scooter has been an outstanding combination of price and battery life. Riders may travel around 15 mph for up to 40 minutes of use. Beyond battery life, framework and the wider deck create the E 300 suitable for ages, while supporting cyclists up . What it lacks safety lights (so that it 's best used through the day ) it makes up for with a smooth and stable ride, thanks to the 10-inch wide tires and light frame that weighs only 43 pounds. Riding the E 300 includes twist-grip acceleration and also a hand operated rear brake that makes it the E 300 the ideal option for users of all skill levels. Additionally, a retractable kickstand makes getting off and on the E 300 more easy than most competitive models. 

6 ) Razor E100 Electric Scooter -Best for Kids

By Razor

The Razor E100 is a choice for parents looking to get their kids. Featuring a flexible handle bar no-frills operation is offered by the front brake by putting everything that the rider needs for effortless use. The handoperated front brake matches the twist-grip controller for effortless stride (and also the E100 adds a required manual kick-off to three miles per hour before the motor forces on). Once the motor takes over, riders will discover rates up. Though it features a folding design for storage in a garage or closet the E100 is easily hauled.

7 ) Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter -Best Speed

By Razor

With its bamboo and basket deck, the Razor eco-smart Metro Seated Electric Scooter may not look like your go-to selection for rate, however, the effective bike can reach up to 18 to 20 miles per hour, one of the fastest speeds you’ll receive while staying within a reasonable budget. And this is not your youth Razor: that the scooter has a flexible padded seat, an adjustable handlebar rake, also 16″ pneumatic tubing tires on spoke brakes to ensure maximum relaxation, as the powder-coated steel framework results in zero emissions. Ideal whether commuting into work or errands, the scooter can be used for 40 minutes until the 36V sealed lead acid battery needs to be recharged. Lower your rate with the hand throttle controllers, powered by a 500W high torque engine. The scooter involves a bag rack and basket which attach to the trunk and can be removed depending upon what you require.

8 ) NANROBOT D4 -Best Splurge

By F1 E-bike

If you have a tiny bit of money the NANROBOT d 4 and scope combine power, reaching speeds up to 40 miles per hour and distances up to 4-5 miles. With a design that is slick and unpretentious, the scooter includes. Each 10″ pneumatic wheel is powered through a completely independent 1000W engine, and the six shock-absorbers mean it could handle a number of terrains and road state with reduced shock and slippage. Front and back braking system results in a ride that is smooth also will be offering an emergency brake to keep you safe when driving. As the burden, around 70 pounds, means it’s not the most mobile option available on the current market, it may adapt a load of around 330 pounds and is watertight for once you want to store it. 

9 ) Gigabyke Groove -Best Seated

By GigaByke

Slim and stylish, the Gigabyke Groove can be really a nimble and robust electric scooter, even capable of taking treks on the road or maneuvering up hills. The motor lets it reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour, and the 48v 14AH silicone lead-acid battery allows you to travel to 25 miles on a charge, requiring half an hour before it’s completely powered back again. The eye to design also extends to the rider’s relaxation: that the leather-padded chair is adjustable and the bike comprises 3 2″ handlebars and double front and rear suspension. The Gigabyke Groove includes a leading LED head light for nighttime visibility, in addition to rear and front LED turn signals and also a brake light so that you may be easily be viewed by motorists and pedestrians. Monitor your stats using an LCD display between your handlebars, at which you can assess the battery degree of your scooter and odometer.  The scooter is available in multiple colours.  

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