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Top 7 Best Macbook Covers in 2019



1 ) ProCase Rubberized Hard Case Shell Cover -Best Overall

By ProCase

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Made the Touch Bar with or without for the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro 13-inch models, the ProCase Rubberized Hard Case Shell Cover can be really a fantastic choice for protecting your pricey machine. Offered in many different colors, the ProCase works to preserve the weight and thickness down, adding just eight oz overall and 1.2 millimeters in thickness without interfering with some one of those MacBookPro vents. The finish of this soft coating will help avoid scrapes and scratches, as the included computer cover helps protect the cherished keyboards of Apple against dirt grime and crumbs. The bottom portion of the instance adds two couple of rows that allow the machine to be fully dispersed upon by heat, whereas four anti-slip silicone feet help keep a Mac book securely set up onto a table or desk.  

2 ) Mosiso MacBook Pro 15-Inch -Best Budget


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Budget pricing does not mean funding security and Mosiso’s MacBookPro 15-inch instance reveals this with a hard-plastic casing, plus a computer keyboard cover which protects against scrapes and scrapes. Available the Mosiso is intended with Touch Bar namely for the 2016 and 2017 15-inch MacBookPro and won’t fit models. The keyboard and screen protector will be an superb bonus value for that price, while an included storage pouch is just a good spot. The Mosiso’s polycarbonate material is durable and flexible, adding minimal weight and thickness. The base of the case includes two rows of slots that will help heating dissipate away from the laptop and four rubber feet help avoid slides onto an table.

3 ) Twelve South BookBook -Best Splurge

By Twelve South

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Part instance, part cover, the Twelve South BookBook is probably perhaps one of the very popular accessories manufactured for Apple laptop line. Crafted out of leather for a appearance, the hard back cover and reinforced spine help take care of the laptop and also have added impact absorption. A soft micro fiber avoids scratches on either surface of their computer, whereas the leather design adds a premium look and texture. Dual elastic bands inside the cover keep your laptop firmly in place during use. As an added bonus, Twelve South includes a compartment beneath the tab of their cover to get a pocket that’s perfect for reports, sketches or other significant documents.

4 ) i-Blason -Best Protection

By i-Blason

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Designed with Touch Bar, the i-Blason cover is really a heavy duty solution without having to spend a lot of money, for those who need a rocky and protective cover. Engineered to become shock-absorbing, the ridges which run round the laptop add a degree of security complete to protect against lumps and bumps and little drops. An easy-to-use snap on case that carries a fully vented base for safe heat disbursement and provides the full 360 degrees of defense boosts the increased degree of security. Rubberized corners allow for increased airflow, in addition to assist in avoiding slides onto a table or desk. Use of the vents of the MacBook is completed uninhibited by the bumpers and also an screen protector helps to keep your investment safe from scratches.

5 ) Fintie Protective Case -Best Style

By Fintie

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If style means just as much to you personally as security, the Fintie instance is the best MacBook cover you’ll find. Designed with the 13-inch MacBookPro (2016 & 2017) in your mind, Fintie adds a variety of colours and style to fit every mood and character. The freshwater shell inside is composed of top leather for a appearance that was gorgeous slipping on tables or desks or while doubling up security against fingerprints, scratches. The design doesn ' t block access also does not hinder the opening or closing of their laptop in any way while.

6 ) Urban Armor Gear -Best Rugged Use


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The Urban Armor Gear can be definitely an outstanding cover choice for protection against these weather. Featuring a tactile grip that doesn’t prevent ventilation, the design is geared out of 2017 and late 2016 for the 13-inch MacBook Pro model. Once in position on the notebook, the armor casing and bumpers coincide with a lock screen closed for almost 360 degrees of total protection. Overall protection suits military drop-test standards for that ultimate in protection against scratches or abrasions. If a drop does occur, the Urban Armor Gear allows it to spread throughout the shell, whereas the screen closed ensures the MacBook remains closed to prevent any damage and helps move any impact.

7 ) SmartShell Case -Best Value

By Speck

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Speck’s been a leader in the MacBookPro cover space and for very good reason. Their SmartShell Case covers are some of the the best-regarded models available. A combination of fit and durability, the SmartShell stands around dents, punctures and scratches without breaking a sweat. The instance is charged by Speck as being able to resist to 34 pounds of force without breaking up, which is a believable promise from a name in Apple accessories. Setup takes seconds and snapping the case for dusting or cleanup off is just as straightforward. Rubberized feet across the bottom of the 13-inch MacBookPro model (2016 & 2017) help avoid sliding on smooth surfaces, while the assortment of colors supplies the other way to personalize your notebook. It s manufactured to function as 4-7 per cent stronger compared to the previous manufacturing insure of Speck.

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