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Why Right Now May Be The Perfect Time To Load Up on World of Ether Eggs


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When we last featured World of Ether, a single egg was almost 600 USD.

Since then, the ETH price of eggs has risen by 22%. The USD price, however, has decreased by 86%- a discount of $273.

Now may be the perfect time to buy World of Ether presale eggs

There are many predictions of what the World of Ether marketplace will look like when the game opens, but let’s suppose its standard practice for players to price new monsters relative to the fiat price with which they purchased their eggs.

The game launched when ETH was at its peak price, nearly $1,400 per ETH. As eggs have increased in ETH, the crypto market has trended downwards.

If players are pricing monsters on the open marketplace relative to their purchase, then those who bought when the fiat value of ETH was low stand to be at an advantage.

This becomes especially true in the likelihood that ETH increases in fiat value. Wallet Investor, a popular crypto markets destination, predicts the price of ETH to reach $1,905.01 this year.

Bullish on World of Ether

World of Ether will be releasing its “Private Alpha” version on March 28th, and apparently some of blockchain’s biggest influencers are supposed to take place in it.

A quick search of Twitter for World of Ether somewhat corroborates this, with the high amount of popular crypto Twitter accounts tweeting about the project.

What’s also notable is that this team is completely public, and very responsive. Here are some facts about the team:

  • One of the founders has “The largest Ethereum Meetup group in the world” and teaches solidity to students.
  • The other founder is a senior developer at GitHub.
  • One of their team members has an acquisition under his belt.
  • Their Marketing Director used to do marketing for Fortune 500 companies.

A few weeks ago the entire team even did a live stream in which they answered all sorts of questions thrown at them.

The World of Ether game mechanics

World of Ether has breeding as a primary game mechanic (a game mechanic standard in all crypto collectibles), but it also has battling, leveling, battle points, different monster types, and rare, shiny, and legendary monsters.

When World of Ether is released on the Ethereum Main Net, eggs will increase in price by 15% to encourage new buyers to use the marketplace.

The egg presale buyers will be hatching and breeding the first Etherians to populate this marketplace. New players are incentivized to purchase from here as the monsters are expected to be more affordable.

In addition to this, by being the first players in the world, presale buyers are most likely to discover new species and receive Gold monsters. Presale eggs also have a higher chance of containing uncommon and rare monsters. More on game mechanics can be seen here.

The artwork is taken seriously

Everything we’ve seen from this game is custom made and not algorithmically generated.

As an example, even the subreddit is customized heavily.

The game’s developers are constantly releasing new artwork- from new monsters to new backgrounds, and the website itself uses custom artwork to make itself stand out.

The art makes it clear that the developers care about this game.

The downsides

Eggs are ETH expensive (potentially), so if one expects ETH to go down and never ever go up, then eggs are fiat expensive.

The other downside is that, as with most things crypto, this game could rely on network effects. That’s why it’s important to look at who’s doing their marketing, the amount of effort gone into the project thus far, and the experience of all the team members making this a reality. Seeing the crypto influencers mentioning this game is encouraging.


The World of Ether Alpha version is launching to big people in the crypto space and right now ETH is low. Now may be a great time to consider presale eggs.