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μPeek Device Can Turn a Smartphone Into a Powerful Microscope


The device, called μPeek is attached to the back of any smartphone (over the top where the camera is installed) and you can enter the world of microorganisms even at home.

It is about the size of a credit card and can be controlled through an application that lets you view images of small objects impeccable clarity, making the necessary microscope adjustments with the buttons on the phone.

“This is a powerful microscope, not only a smartphone zoom enhancing device, the microscope is equipped with motorized lens and more sophisticated optical components. These two things are found usually in professional microscopes, which often are much bigger”said Patrick Galliker, co-founder and CEO of Scrona, the company that invented μPeek.

To use μPeek, you only need to attach the device to the phone and to place it on any surface you want to look through a microscope. You can familiarize yourself with the microcosm carpet or leaf structure, for example. If you want to use μPeek for looking at something on a microscope slide, you can do this. The device comes with a standard-size media slide and a blank slide set, plus a guide that explains how to prepare specimens.

Although μPeek not look like conventional microscopes, it could still be useful for scientists. Because the device is so simple and powerful, it could probably be the first choice of a professional scientist. It can be useful in other environments as well, said Patrick Galliker.

A standard μPeek will cost about 159 dollars. Scrona Company has created a new version of the device, μPeek Blue, which is equipped with UV-light so that it can be used as a fluorescence microscope. The advanced application field makes μPeek Blue to be sold for $219. According to Patrick Galliker, the device should be available for purchase online in the second half of 2016.