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PS4 Dominates Xbox One in Black Friday Sales


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The everlasting war between Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 is still going strong in 2016 and it looks like its going in Sony’s favor. Microsoft made some powerful statements at the beginning of the year, the company’s CEO said that their goal this year is to sell around 30 million units and finally overpass Sony on the selling charts, but this isn’t the case since Microsoft is actually struggling to reach that number.

On the other hand, a report from the DFC Intelligence is showing that Sony is enjoying great success with their PS4. The Japanese tech giant managed to sell over 50 million units during the Holiday season. This number is quite impressive and it proved once again that PlayStation has a bigger following than Xbox One does. One of the reason why Sony managed to sell so many gaming consoles was that the Black Friday event offered major discounts of up to hundreds of dollars in some cases and of course because the gaming console performs exceptionally and it’s equipped with exclusive titles like The Last of Us.

It’s already known that there’s a gap in sales percentages between Sony and Microsoft and because of that Microsoft is refusing to make their sales public. Right now, even if everyone knows that Sony is ahead of Microsoft in sales, no one knows how much Sony is ahead by.

The reason why Microsoft believed they could surpass Sony even though Sony beats them every year was because the Xbox One S was bundled with highly anticipated exclusive games like Call of Duty and Titanfall 2. It looks like those games weren’t enough and Microsoft is left behind once again, maybe 2017 will be a better year for them.



  1. This is just the US, right? I didn’t really see any great offers for the ps4 pro, would’ve just pissed people off who bought it at launch anyway.

  2. Doesn’t help answer the question whether there is something in an iterative console cycle rather than discrete “generations”, whether 3 years was “too soon”, whether it was just overpriced compared to the other options or whether the PS4P was too little of a change though.

    The PS4 consistently outsold the XBO up until this year, even when the XBO was lower priced, even when the PS4 was at a similar price to the PS4P so I’m not sure price is the main factor. I think it’s probably 1 part that the PS4P doesn’t do enough to justify its existence (all games should have been able to automatically take whatever advantage of its increased processing power they could, even if it wasn’t much because of how they were coded) and price.

    Makes one wonder how Scorpio will be received next year.

  3. To me the biggest problem with the PS4 Pro and possibly the Scorpio is that they are really pushing the 4K visuals while 4K televisions don’t have a major presence yet. Now if Microsoft can make the Scorpio seem worthwhile for someone using 1080p televisions I could see them doing better then the PS4 Pro current is.

  4. Amazon was selling the Pro for $339.99, which was pricing matching Target. I have a Red Card with Target so I was able to snag a Pro for $323 plus tax. Not too shabby.

  5. I know so many people who planned on buying the pro until Sony decided to drop the ball on the 4k disc drive. That on top of it not really being that much of a bump in specs killed my interest.

  6. the first line is true, the second line is not true. the bump in specs is substantial. I was mostly dissappointed that it seemed Sony was trying to force native 4k gaming and the framerates and nicer settings seem to have been sacrificed for it. It’s like none of them own a gaming PC. 4k is feasible right now, even with a GTX 1080.

    Sony! 1080 at 60 fps, is all anyone wanted on a console. Christ.

  7. I agree about the 4K, I think if Microsoft pays close enough attention and gives people options of how to play the game such as 60fps at 1080p or 30fps at 4K I think they could do much better then Sony did.

  8. Well, Sony didn’t seem to mind uninformed people buying their inferior PS4 console. Sony was dumping their bulk stock of these old and slim PS4s and these people actually thought they were getting the best console out there when, in fact, they just themselves an obsolete piece of technology. Thanks Sony :+1:

  9. He’s saying that Sony pushed the Slim over the Pro, but he’s assuming that those buying the Slim care about graphics as a major priority. That’s proven wrong by the graphic anyway.

    Many people seemed to care more about the games… Go figure.

  10. Plus a good chunk of these sales are parents who are looking for the best deal. I really don’t understand why this idiot is mad or laughing? Price is still a huge factor for people.

  11. Well, what he wrote is that Sony was intentionally misleading people. Sounds like tinfoil hat territory.

  12. He didn’t say that Sony was misleading anyone, but that they capitalized on uninformed people. thesystm above hit the nail on the head that a good chunk of sales for the Slim would’ve likely been from parents buying gifts, and they wouldn’t have cared if the Pro is the more powerful system.

    If TheReal MacReady said anything incorrect, it’d be that he said the anyone who bought a Slim instead of a Pro were uninformed. It’s just likely that they didn’t care that there’s a more powerful system because A) The Pro is more expensive and B) The extra power would not be important.

  13. I’ve only ever owned Sony and Nintendo consoles. I have a PS4, and I bought and the XBox One S on black Friday. I got the console, the MasterChief Collection, Halo 5, and Gears of War Remastered for 250. I finally get to play all those games I’ve heard so much about. PS4 will still be my main console, but it’ll be nice to play the MS exclusives I’ve missed out on.

  14. I was planning on getting a PS4 Pro, so I held off until deals came via black friday, and there were none. Not even a game throw-in. Might wait til next year.

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