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The Future Is Here – Top Three VR Headsets


This year has been a great one when taking in consideration all the new gadgets that have been launched and because of new openings in the virtual reality market. Every gamer has been waiting for this type of technology to come out for a long time now, because it makes games way more immersive than they normally are but now they don’t have to wait any longer.

The company to get a head start was Oculus and seeing the success the company had, other major tech companies such as FaceBook, HTC and Sony created their own VR headsets. Right now we will take a look at what the VR market has best to offer.

  • PlayStation VR

The most popular headset to come out this year is Sony’s PS VR. The headset managed to gain a massive popularity for two main reasons, because it was compatible with Sony’s PS4 and also because it can be acquired for only $399. Worth noting is that to be able to get the full VR experience users have to spend over $700 because they also need to buy the PS4 console and motion tracking controllers. All in all, the beast feature this VR headset has to offer is its amount of playable games.

  • Daydream

Google’s headset is not focused towards gaming purposes, as Sony’s was, but it was designed to be compatible with VR media content such as videos and pictures. The headset has an impressive design and it’s coating is way different from what we’re used to see. Google’s Daydream headset comes in the crimson, slate or snow colors and the best thing about it is that it’s very simple to use and it only costs $79.

  • Oculus Rift

The story behind this headset is amazing, it all started with a kick starter fund and look where it managed to get. Oculus Rift comes at the hefty price of $599, but included in that price there are many Windows PC configuration that will add to a more immersive gaming experience.


  1. How about the ImmersiON-VRelia products? Rated “Best of CES 2015” by GamBit magazine and winner for “Best designed VR-Headset” by VR-iPhone.com?


  2. hello. The first two… Oculus and the HTC connect to computers… Powerful. What is the definition of powerful? Memory, etc? Thanks

  3. Have you tried StarVR? I have. The potential is there but its not ready to compete with the likes of Oculus or Vive. At least as of my last try of it. I’m sure they have improved it but they are also not planning a consumer release now and are instead focusing on the DoD and research markets. I found their purported 5k screen to not add much to visual quality and there was more pixelation. The wider field of view also didn’t do a lot for me, BUT on that I will say I only got 15 minutes with it and it takes longer than that to get used to “seeing” with devices like this. So with more time that expanded field of view might have meant more to me. Again there is no doubting the potential there, but I don’t think I could give it the best VR tag. Then again, it’s subjective and this is only my opinion on the current state of it. Though I wouldn’t call FOVE of Carl Zeiss great VR either. OSVR isn’t even in the ballpark as of my last try. So yeah. The list is also subjective. Hehe.

  4. I like Google cardboard, because Google has its special educational significance. For example, sending a lot of free cardboard for students.So one can exercise the child’s ability to operate ,make full use of waste paper and enhance awareness of environmental protection. In addition, children experience the virtual world through their own labor.

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