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2 Fraudsters Caught Mining Bitcoin At Work


Bitcoin has the attention of just about every single person in the cryptocurrency world right now. The value has taken off like a rocket ship, make billionaires out of investors and has fallen back to the ground in just a matter of a few short years. In the meantime, fraudsters are trying to find ways to beat the system and get rich by doing so.

Committing Crimes At Work Is Not Good

Even if you are not planning to invest a single penny into the cryptocurrency market, you are likely to still hear the news that is related. If you ever hear the term “mining” as it relates to products like Bitcoin, you are likely going to read a story with a bad ending. Mining is very intensive work as transactions are added to the blockchain by fraudsters and in turn, they are rewarded with new coins for doing so.

As you can imagine, this draws plenty of attention to the system and miners will setup huge networks of computers to get these transactions in place. Recently, two people found out the hard way that doing this type of thing with a computer they use at work, is not such a good idea.

According to reports, 2 former employees of Crimea’s Council of Ministries were fined recently for using computers at work to mine Bitcoin. The couple made off with about $260 in profit. The fines were for $525 each and by the end of the investigation, it was determined that the couple used more than $1,000 of electricity to get the job done.  All of this happened over a 4 month period. Not much of a payday to most people.

Other Incidents Make The News

Just like the situation outlined above, more incidents have been hitting the news wire over the last year or more. Just in March, three other instances were reported in an attorney general’s office in the United States. Another state employee in Florida was found to have been doing something similar with company equipment.