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2 New Platforms Added Ripple This Week


Over the last week or more, Ripple has been taking a beating on the market. Over night it seems that the value of the digital currency has continued to drop forcing investors to think twice about which cryptocurrency is worth putting their money into. Since the marketplace is going to move based on speculation and the news cycle, reports hitting the internet this week should be a good thing for Ripple.  Two new platforms have added Ripple, giving worldwide users more options.

Uphold Crypto Bank Adds Ripple

Based in the United States, Uphold describes itself as a “cloud-based financial services platform” and was slapped with the “Crypto Bank” nickname quite easily. Ripple (XRP) is starting to get attention and according to the CEO of Uphold, “huge demand” for the virtual currency.

Uphold is the first platform to make the XRP cryptocurrency accessible in an easy way to investors. Of course, this news is on the heels of the 36000+ percent increase the coin saw in 2017, making it the biggest increase in value compared to all cryptocurrencies. Uphold is not an exchange, really, but more of a Crypto Bank and how that impacts the value of Ripple moving forward remains to be seen.

London Block Exchange Gives Ripple A Try

Since we are talking about good news today, we can easily add the fact that the only cryptocurrency exchange in the United Kingdom has decided to add Ripple. London Block Exchange is an “Electronic Money Services Directive” for e-wallet companies that funcion in the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. As of right now, LBX is the only operator to offer a Ripple-GBP pairing.

Ripple is not the only digital currency on the exchange. Instead, it will join the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. According to the LBX CEO, the company plans to add more cryptocurrencies in the near future.