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3 Things Microsoft Corporation Can Do To Save The Microsoft Mobiles Division


Microsoft has been a company which has been coming out with a large number of releases and updates off late.

The company has been coming out with update after update, and has been impressing the markets with their hardware division.

However, they do have a strength in production but there is a very negligible demand for most of their products, especially their phones.

The Microsoft Mobiles division has been a major, major disaster in the markets, and the company has been trying hard to revive the dying brand of the Microsoft Mobiles.

Following are three things that the company can do to help save their windows 10 mobile phone division –

  1. Better Design

The phones are in a desperate need of a redesign, and the current generation of Lumia phones look like they have been released in the 2000s.

The phones have all been coming out with nearly identical designs, and have been very ordinary looking, having neither a charm, nor an appeal that they deserve.

The phones are very bland and plastic like, and need a metallic touch. The company has been going the right way with the Lumia 650 being released in an all-metal body.

  1. More Apps

Apps are a key component for the success of any mobile OS, and the Android and iOS have a majority of the apps being supported on their device.

It’s actually a vicious circle – to have apps one needs a larger market share, and to get market share one needs more apps. Microsoft Windows phones have a 10% market share, and are facing a major decline in that too.

With negligible growth rates, it is a major need for Microsoft to rope up with more app makers to release apps for their platforms.

  1. Faster Updates!

Another thing that the devices are in a major need of is frequent updates! Microsoft Mobiles might be actually good, but the problem that is being faced by them is the fact that they lack out on updates, as the updates are too slow.

The Windows 10 Mobile OS itself has been delayed time and again, and Microsoft is now expected to have it released quite soon.

The Microsoft Mobiles division does need these three makeovers, and needs them real soon if they intend to survive the markets over a long-term.