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3D Touch Enable you to Preview Photos and Links on Facebook


Facebook and Apple have decided to go hand in hand with providing their users the ability to preview photos and links on Facebook using the 3D Touch feature available on iDevices.

If iPhone users can currently use 3D Touch to post status updates, video and photos in a faster manner, Facebook plans to expand the set of options offered by 3D Touch in the near future.

Among the features provided by 3D Touch so far it includes the option to preview your friends profiles, the option to view photos closely, it enables you to view certain links regarding different groups or events that appear on your timeline, without necessarily having to fully access them. Also the Facebook icon for iOS will get an improvement that will allow you to access your timeline immediately using the 3D Touch technology.

Unfortunately the new update will not come immediately, but it will be available only to a limited number of users until it will be available to everyone. For example, Instagram is already using some of these options, so I do not believe that it would be a big problem for Facebook to implement these changes in their own social network in a more or less functional way. All we can do for now is hope that Zuckergerg’s company will not delay too much in applying this update.