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4.5M Quake Hits Yellowstone – Would It Happen Again?


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Yesterday a 4.5M earthquake hit America. The news in itself may not be so impressive, but the big issue here is that Yellowstone was affected too, since the earthquake centered on the famous National Park. The park is famous both for the natural beauty you will find there and for the super volcano.

Should We Worry?

Though this piece of news may seem particularly worrying, we have no actual reason to do it. Most likely, the earthquake belongs to a longer series of movements that are caused by magma moving through the crust.

USGS (United States Geological Survey) explains in a press release that there was a light earthquake of a 4.5 magnitute that hit the Us on June 15 at 6:48 PM. The epicenter was found in the Yellowstone National Park, which is 8 miles towards NNE of West Yellowstone in Montana.

The swarm of earthquakes began on June 12, and it consisted in around 30 such events of a magnitude of 2 and larger. There were another 4 that measured magnitude 3 and larger, plus the one that took place the other day with a magnitude of 4.5. It is the largest that took place in this area since March 20, 2015, when there was a 4.8M one recorded.

A Reminder

This earthquake is actually more of a reminder that the volcanic system found under Yellowstone is still up and running. This is not something we should take lightly, since one day the entire system may erupt again, and we should be ready to deal with that.

It is important to remember that eruptions can be some change catalysts, both locally and globally. They are in fact emissions of volcanic material. For this reason, Yellowstone is seen as being especially dangerous for this reason, if not the most dangerous in the world.