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4 Inch iPhone From Apple, iPhone 5Se Could Boost Sales More Than Expected


The Apple iPhone 5Se, which is a device that is more in rumors than in reality today, actually holds more promise in it than we are all expecting from it.

From all the various sources over the internet, you have been able to see that the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S are the ones that are currently in vogue. Apple is going larger on screen size with every new development.

In this regards, we all feel that downgrading from 6 series to 5 series and seeing a reduction in screen size is not what people would like and that the company might actually be inviting trouble for itself. But this theory is far from being the truth.

If you have been following Tim Cook’s earnings call last week, he was very precise in a certain statement, pointing to the fact that the company had been right in having the 5Se plans in place.

This is because accorsing to cook, more than 60 percent of iPhone users today have still not upgraded to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S.

If the iPhone 6 series is so popular, why haven’t the people upgraded it yet? It has been almost two years since the iPhone 6 started showing up and since then only 40% of the users have opted for an upgrade, but why such a less number?

Here lies the main problem with the iPhone 6 series. Users who have had experiences of using the iPhones before them have been used to the functionalities in a compact, easy to handle size. But with the larger phones, this ease of handling seemed to dwindle.

As a result, they switched over to Android device, while others stuck to the iPhones they were using, keeping their highest level of movement to the iPhone 5S.

This is also the reason why there are still a huge number of users craving for the iPhone 5S, but ask them for their opinions on the iPhone 6 series and they’ll very firmly say no to the device. Moreover, the users were very wary of bendgate issues and crashing of the first iPhone 6, that cast a wrong impression on them.

Well as of now, the iPhone 5Se is going to be more of something they will connect to. It is going to be small, non plastic, hopefully have a sober color palette and will work on the iOS 10, which is another great advantage. We’ve pretty much got our fingers crossed for the phone and hope to see it soon.