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5 Innovative Devices Launched At CES 2016


In the past years there haven’t been so many impressive gadgets unveiled at CES at once if compared to this year’s CES – the CES 2016. From home appliances like Samsung’s fridge that tells you what’s in it while you are shopping to smart sneakers and a sports bra that can track your heart rate, steps and overall work out.

Following are the select gadgets that caught the eye at CES 2016 Las Vegas and certainly took CES to a whole different level.

  1. OMBra: The clothing company OM has released a smart sports bra under the name OMBra. A small black box which is situated above the torso is the core of OMBra which has various sensors that that collect information like running performance, such as distance, heart rate, calories, cadence and pace. The bra collects all that data and sends it to the corresponding app. The start-up kit will cost you $149 and will include a bra and the fitness tracker, additional bras will cost you $59 and the tracker can be detached and connected to other bras.
  1. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator: the brand new refrigerator by Samsung features a huge 21.5 – inched touch screen and 1080p and it features a small camera which allows you to have a look what’s inside of it when you are at the grocery store. The refrigerator is set to come out in May and will be priced around $ 5,000.
  2. Under Armour Gemini 2: the new sneakers by Under Armour Gemini 2 are fitness trackers for your feet. The sneakers are filled with tracking sensors that track your workouts without having to connect to any smartphone. Wear them and the tiny sensors in the soles will start tracking where you are going, the distance you cover and the burned calories. These sneakers will cost you $ 180. The details will be transmitted to the corresponding app later on.
  3. Think and learn Code – a – Pillar: The Fisher – Price product Think and learn Code – a – Pillar can be termed as the smartest toy for preschoolers. It is made to teach the preschoolers the basics of learning to code. A movement command icon on its surface is featured with eight segments like left, right, spin, make a noise etc. the segments are meant to be connected and when pressed the start button, it will move on the route which is programmed. It is said to reinforce code writing skills.

What are your thoughts on the ground breaking gadgets released at CES 2016 Las Vegas? Comment below and let us know.