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5 Places to Find Freelance WordPress Talent


Want to create your own website but you don’t know how? Leave it to the pros to help you, and by that we mean hire a freelance WordPress developer. But where to find them? Don’t worry, we got you covered because bellow we compiled a list of 5 resources to check out and after that you can decide which one fits your preferences and your type of project the best.

The price range depends on the complexity of your project, the developer’s experience and location. In order to avoid any risks, you should be careful when you select freelance developers because some state prices that are either too expensive or too convenient to be true. Do a little bit of research first by checking out similar projects listed on work boards and freelance platforms so that you know how much developers require for a specific job and try to look out for developers who quote cost effective values.

  1. WordPress.com

We might be a bit predictable because we start this list with the most obvious place you can find a WordPress freelance talent and that is the WordPress website itself. Some may not know that it is the official job board where a lot of positions are posted including design, development, theme customization, website migration etc. Advertising a job offer or removing a position on this job board is 100% free, all it requires is filling out some forms containing the job poster’s contact information as well as information about the company and job details. Once submitted, it will be reviewed by the moderators and available in up to 3 days. Being affiliated with WordPress.org guarantees that many people will be able to see your advertisement.

  1. DesignCrowd.com

DesignCrowd.com is an online marketplace that provides services like logo, web, print and graphic design. Using a process named crowdsourcing, you get access to a virtual team of over 600,000 freelance graphic designers from all around the world. You can run a Design Contest which basically means you launch a project on this job board and expect WordPress skilled designers to pick it up. The average guideline receives between 50 and 100 design submissions and you can choose the one you think is the best. If you think the design you selected can be upgraded, you can leave a feedback before accepting the submission and paying the developer. Apart from the posting fee which is up to $79 depending on the project type, DesignCrowd sets a minimum project budget of $150 but this amount depends on the design type. Also, every project add-ons are charged by upgrade. Fees for posting and improvements are non-refundable but this website offers money back guarantee on refundable project budgets, in case you are unsatisfied with the design you were promised.

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a bit different as compared to other services we listed in this article because it allows freelance developers to fix or update an already existing website. As the name suggests “Fiverr”, you can buy and sell services for only $5 which means that your WordPress website will not be finished in one go by one designer and that is why most companies divide different aspects of their projects into multiple “gig extras” which allow developers to work on these individual tasks. These tasks are combined afterwards into a complete product. If you believe you have good organizational skills and if you take into account that it has a cost-effective value, Fiverr might be an extremely viable option for you.

  1. WPHired.com

WPHired is more of a job board rather than a market place and it’s where companies post new WordPress related positions such as: designers, developers, blogger content writers and SEO on a daily basis. Depending on the client’s availability and the company’s needs there are part time and full time positions, internships and temporary jobs. Companies can check out resumes and contact developers directly. It is free to publish a job for 7 days but if you want to continue to have it listed and highlighted for 30 days you need to pay $39.99. The Platinum Pack membership offers a quantity discount for $69.99 which allows 5 jobs postings listed and features for 90 days. All these jobs found on this platform are also advertised on social media as well.

  1. Guru

Guru is a freelancing marketplace with a global network of over 1.5 million freelancers from all fields of activity (design, development, IT, etc.) who are eager to make your creative, business or technical projects a success. Collaborate with new developers, create timelines, define milestones, and share documents using Work Room environment without ever leaving Guru.com. Posting a job to the website is free but if you want to advertise the position, it costs a $29.95. Choosing to feature your job advertisement usually increases the chance to receive bids by 50%. Guru offers you SafePay, a risk-free guarantee according to which you set up a pricing plan only after you are satisfied with and approve the finished product.

When you decide to publish a job on job boards and freelance marketplaces, remember to give detailed information about your project so that developers will know whether their skills are suitable for it without wasting your time by asking unnecessary questions. Be aware that reputation is important on these platforms and rating the quality of service is a system that works both ways, therefore don’t forget to be professional and polite regardless of circumstances.