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5G Connectivity Would Be In Place In 2020 – Here’s How 5G Networks Would Change Our Lives


The 5G is much closer than you might think and, believe it or not, the deployment of this technology will transform everything from what you pay every month for your phone bill to education in schools, the way you relate to your smartphone, or even how hospitals work.

“The transition to 5G will be similar to the arrival of electricity,” said Cristiano Amon, vice president of technology for Qualcomm, one of the technology giants leading the 5G race.

“When everything is connected, not just your smartphone or tablet, we will assume that connectivity will be there in the same way we understand that electricity is available anywhere,” he said.

The 5G will allow the expansion of Artificial Intelligence

The 5G will not only transform the networks through which data navigate over the Internet enabling a much faster and larger flow, but will also allow the expansion of other technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data solutions or even practical applications of the blockchain, the other great technological revolution in the making.

Internet browsing will be at least five times faster

The most apparent impact of the arrival of 5G networks will be the increase in Internet connection speeds, which will increase the current figures by a factor of 5 or even 10.

Everyone will benefit as 5G will provide lower data rates

The differences that exist today between the fiber optic connection we have at home, and that of our mobile devices will fade away. It will also be cheaper for operators to market each MB of traffic on a per MB basis, which could result in lower tariffs and even the universalization of unlimited data plans.

5G connectivity will mean the definitive implementation of IoT

With 5G, everything will be connected to the Internet. That is the idea of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), with more than 30,000 million objects connected, from traffic lights and streetlamps to hospital equipment, electricity or water meters, environmental sensors or even our clothes. Everything.

The 5G will be available in 2020 although the first devices may appear as soon as 2019

In 2020, 5G connectivity will be in place, and the manufacturers are rushing the deadlines to come out with the first devices, mainly mobile phones, to support 5G networks.

Accordingly, the first devices that support 5G connectivity would come in 2019.