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5G Network Available – Faster Internet Connection With Top Improvements

Business Man use Tablet PC on 5G High speed network

Although there are many countries that have not made the transition to 4G data connection, and there are areas with no network signal of any kind, 5G tests are being conducted.

We all desire a faster internet connection, wherever we are and whatever type of device we are using to access it. In other words, we do not have the patience to spend a few seconds to load a web page and it doesn’t really matter that there are few devices capable of delivering higher download rates than the current ones. The basic idea is simple, many Internet operators want faster data connections than 4G and mobile network operators in various parts of the world are rushing to materialize these pleas.

According to latest information, the Japanese operator NTT Docomo is among the first companies that will be able to deploy a 5G communications network. Although the project is designed to enter the market in 2020, the company has already conducted the first tests in world for a 5G network.

In collaboration with Nokia Network, NTT Docomo, managed to get a transfer speed of 2Gbps in a commercial center in Tokyo. To achieve this performance, the company used shortwave signals at a frequency of 70GHz. This test is more special than all other similar experiments in the past because it was no longer based on visual contact between transmitter and receiver. Beam-forming and beam-tracking are some new technologies that are vital for the successful completion of this project. To some extent, they use the same technology used by routers compatible with 802.11ac. Basically, the transmitter has the ability to dynamically focus radio waves to the receiver regardless of its position in its range.

Although these tests gives us a sample of the real experience that we can expect as well in a few years, there is the possibility that the 2Gbps will decrease significantly when the network will be congested by millions or tens of millions of users.