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A New Stellar (XLM) Rally Might Be On Our Way Thanks To Events With High Potential Of Bringing More Investors


Stellar (XLM) has been performing well and the digital currency marked a new recent high this week.

Stellar Lumen is trading and can be purchased for about $0.3835 against the dollar or 0.000041 BTC on various exchange platforms that include Kraken, Ripplefox, Mr. Exchange and others.

Over the past week, Stellar Lumen’s trade went up to 31.8% against the dollar, and that is seen to be the best performing coin among the unicorn digital currencies.

Stellar boasts a total market cap of $6.85 billion and during the Asian trading hours. The digital currency trade volume went as high as $79 million worth of XLM. Stellar was born on July 19, 2013.

XLM is ranked as the 8th most important currency in the crypto market.

Analysts believe that there are several reasons for which XLM is steadily rising and the most important one is considered its essential collaborations with Novatti, IBM, and more significant companies.

Stellar Inflation Pool

XLM doesn’t use proof-of-stake like Casper POS implementation as Bitcoin and Ethereum do. The digital coin doesn’t use a dividend reward system either.

You can receive rewards via inflation. Distribution of fees and inflation that are used in the member’s community is based on votes.

The distribution of the Lumens is free, and it only requires that the account holder has Lumens in their account. You can also join an XLM Inflation Pool using various wallets that are teaming up with Stellar.

Lobstr Wallet teams up with Stellar

The announcement that Lobstr wallet will support XLM assets made the crypto community excited.

After you join and set up a wallet account and deposit Lumes, you’ll be able to send and receive various digital coins on the platform.

Repo Coin Airdrop uses XLM protocol

The Repo Coin is a platform that uses XLM protocol for token operations, instead of the traditional ERC20.

Repo Coin’s main goal is to solve issued related to insecurities and non-payment by debtors towards lending companies with the help of technology and business solutions.

All these events have the exceptional potential of getting more investors on board with stellar XLM.

All current indications show that if the market remains the same, this should very well be the beginning of higher trade volumes and steady climbs for Stellar.