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A woman that was forced to upgrade to Windows 10 OS has won a lawsuit against Microsoft


According to Seattle Times, Teri Goldstein from Sausalito, California has sued Microsoft after a failed Windows 10 upgrade left her system performing poorly, being unusable for multiple days and crashing very frequently.

Goldstein has tried to resolve her issue via the Microsoft customer service, but ended up filling a suit against the company once it has failed to resolve her computer’s issues. She asked for 10.000 dollars, which reflected the estimated lost compensation, as well as the cost of a new system.

Microsoft had appealed the initial judgment, but the company has decided to drop the appeal last month. According to a spokesperson for Microsoft, it denied any wrongdoing and had dropped the appeal in order to avoid any additional expense for further litigation.

We are pretty sure that 10.000 dollars is not a big sum for Microsoft, but let’s not forget that almost one year has passed since the company has self-inflicted damage with its Windows 10 free upgrade.

We remind you that at the end of July 2016, Microsoft will stop offering Windows 10 upgrade for free for users that own a Windows 7 or Windows 8 license. The Windows 10 Home license costs 119 dollars, while the Windows 10 Pro is a bit more expensive, as it costs 199 dollars.

Microsoft didn’t specify how it will price upgrades after July 29, 2016, when the free Windows 10 upgrade offer ends, but upgrade-only versions of the OS are usually sold for 50-70 dollars less than the full price version.

We’re not sure if Microsoft’s actions have damaged the company’s long-term relation with its customers, as it is too soon to tell, but we will most likely know that sometime in the next 1-2 years. There are some users who were really pissed because of the Windows 10 “forced” upgrade and they sworn that they’ll never use Microsoft’s products again. Other users have just disabled the Windows Update in order to avoid the Windows 10 upgrade.