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ActiveCampaign vs. Infusionsoft: Best CRMs for your Ecommerce Business


When it comes to email marketing platforms or CRMs for your ecommerce business ActiveCampaign and Infusionsoft are two of the most popular tools used nowadays. Infusionsoft works best for small businesses of up to 100 employees because it is a productive CRM tool that also provides sales and marketing automation (including a shopping cart). On the other hand, ActiveCampaign is an ideal solution for SMEs, marketers, entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to automate their digital marketing activity.

The costs of these platforms can be higher than expected and that might be daunting for startups and entrepreneurs who usually don’t have the necessary budget for investing right away. Before you make your decision, let us take you through a review in which we evaluate both platforms based on their key features such as: tagging, automation & custom sequence, affiliate tracking & payments, e-commerce & CRM, integrations, usability and pricing plans.

1. Tagging

Both services use “tags” (pieces of information that you know in advance) to sort or bifurcate your contact list within your CRM. Therefore, you can set the parameters you want and then the tags will be applied accordingly. In each platform you can use segmentation strategy to assign multiple tags to your email list members to allow them access to certain content.

Tag categories are very important in Infusionsoft because you can utilize them to manage hundreds of properties and conditional funnels. You can also use tags to move people from one campaign sequence to another. Unlike Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign does not offer tag organization and management.

2. Automation & custom sequences

Infusionsoft builds automation campaigns in a visual way by dragging and dropping different elements in place.

ActiveCampaign provides marketing automation with a visual campaign builder and segmentation but unlike Infusionsoft, it doesn’t provide drag-and-drop automation.

3. Affiliate Tracking

Infusionsoft has a built-in affiliate tracking system which you can use to accurately track your affiliate stats and payments in one single platform. ActiveCampaign doesn’t offer affiliate management but it can integrate with third party software to manage and track affiliate links and payments.

4. E-commerce & CRM functionalities

E-commerce which includes sales and tracking is integrated into the Infusionsoft tagging system. Compared to Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign has some limited sales features because the product sales need to be set up and dealt with manually. It also has no e-commerce features.

5. Integrations

Both apps integrate with other apps and services:  Infusionsoft provides over 500 integrations and apps in its marketplace while ActiveCampaign offers over 150 apps and integrations that you can get access from its library. Among the major integrations these two have in common we find: Quickbooks, Gmail, Zapier, API access and some are integrated via third-party solutions (Salesforce integration for Infusionsoft, Outlook for ActiveCampaign).

6. Usability

Infusionsoft doesn’t have a user-friendly automation platform and due to the fact that it provides complex functionalities.  which result in better performances for your extra needs. Compared to Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign has a much easier-to-use interface which allows users to get familiar with the app faster.

7. Price

Upfront, ActiveCampaign does not require any fee while Infusionsoft charges a kick-start fee of $1.000 in addition to monthly subscription plans available. ActiveCampaign’s subscription price is reasonable and ranges between $29 / month and $120/month (for up to 10k customers) which comes in at a lower price point than the cost of Infusionsoft for the same number of subscribers (from $199/month to $379/month).

However, the prices start to level out to a certain extent between the two services for a customer base of over 2.5k customers. Infusionsoft’s sign-on fee might discourage small businesses from using this service especially if they don’t have a need for its advanced features. The benefit of paying this fee is that it covers your training and tech support to help you set up your Infusionsoft account and your first few campaigns.


Both ActiveCampaign and Infusionsoft offer an automated tagging system which can streamline your CRM processes and marketing campaigns. If you use less than a hundred of tags, a wide range of digital marketing media and wish to automate the online marketing system as much as possible then ActiveCampaign is the best fit for you because it emphasizes email automation. If you have surpassed the capacity of your CRM and you desire to have all your sales, marketing campaigns and CRM handled in one place then Infusionsoft is the appropriate choice for you because it is an all-in-one marketing solution.