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Adobe Flash Player Available for Download With 79 fixes


Adobe Flash Player is also known as Shockwave Flash in Firefox and internet explorer,Adobe Flash Player was developed and created by Macromdeia and is distributed by Adobe Systems, it can directly be downloaded from the web browser that too for free.

It supports even ruster graphics and 3D graphics. The best feature of Adobe Flash Player is that it supports different Data formats which is accessed by Action Script.

Adobe Flash Player is one of the best used for streaming video and audio and other internet applications as well.

It took a very long time to fix up the issues which were found by Security Bulletin APSB 15-32.

The main problem with the Adobe Flash Player was that it was not stable actually, and which the hackers were using whenever they wanted to make their work easy.

This took a great time by the team, and they cracked about 79 problems or CVE’s. Still there are many errors in the desktop version of 190.0.025 for Macintosh and Windows.

Adobe has just released it’s new version in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

If we go back in September month, Adobe released its new version after fixing the 23 bugs, recently they have announced Flash Professional CC and adobe will also be releasing its Animate CC by next year which will be useful for developing the HTML 5 content, because developers are emphasizing less on flash and more on HTML5.

According to Mike Hanley, Program manager R&D and Duo Security posted that, “This is a recognition that there is a future where Flash will no longer be a dominant platform on the web, but with no clear timeline or planned deprecation schedule, many legacy applications and web content will continue to rely on historically problematic platforms like Flash to get the broadest possible adoption for years to come.”

If Adobe Flash gets out from various sites, many sites which have videos and games into them will directly be crashed, so there is a compulsion for the software to continue till the launch of Animate.

According to the new update, Adobe Flash Player main features which are upgraded are the fixing up of the memory of corruption vulnerabilities, buffer and integer overflow vulnerabilities, a type confusion vulnerabilities, security bypass vulnerabilities,etc.