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Adobe Flash player 21 may launch next year with new UI and Features


Adobe Flash Player’s future is a rather debatable topic all over the internet now.

Be it on blogs or news sites like ours, people are always talking about the possibilities of Flash rising from its ashes yet again.

Others are of the view that HTML 5 deserved having taken place and will go a long way. But with all these years of service to the internet, will Adobe quietly take its defeat? This is something that is highly unlikely.

The flash player creator is definitely not willing to step out of the game so quick.

There are already talks of future versions of Flash getting released and from time to time, we can expect these updates to be released.

Regarding future versions of flash, there can be two ways. Either Adobe will stick to the standard flash Player and we will see Flash player 21 to be released, or the company will proceed with the rebranding of the product and rename it to something else, better known as Adobe Animate CC.

Although not much has been disclosed about Adobe Flash Player 21, there is one thing that we know for sure.

This is that the new Adobe Flash will be much more reliable than its previous counterparts.

There will be better stability and security for the users. flash playbacks would be rather fast and playing games would also not be difficult.

Videos would stream better and web content would be displayed without any errors.

The second possibility of the Adobe Animate CC brings to us a lot more than just having a Flash player in place.

With this software, we would be able to use vector art brushes, a canvas that can be rotated all the way by 360 degrees and would get access to stock art of good quality.

The company acknowledges the fact that HTML5 is in the game as a very big competitor and would cause considerable troubles to the Flash Player.

However, it is ready to face challenges with its new software in place.