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Adobe Flash Player vs. HTML5 – Adobe Fight is Lost


Adobe Flash Professional converts to Adobe Animate CC to confirm that the US giant recognizes the irrelevance of Adobe Flash as a platform for online content.

For many years, most animated online content was only available via Adobe Flash. At the moment, most games on Facebook and a few video sites were using Flash exclusively. Unfortunately, it has proved already that the platform is not only inefficient in terms of hardware resource consumption, but also includes a significant number of security vulnerabilities that could endanger both PCs and mobile terminals.

Because many organizations have migrated from Adobe Flash to HTML5 to reproduce online animations. Companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook have joined hoping to convince Adobe to completely abolish the platform and the American company complied with the demands of the market, to a certain point.

The most important tool for creating Flash content, Adobe Flash Professional does not exist any more. In its place, for the latest version of CC, was introduced Adobe Animate CC. This application will continue to support saving content created in Flash, but its focus will be on HTML5, WebGL and a wide variety of video formats and animation formats including 4K resolution.

Overall, Animate CC incorporates a spectacular set of changes from the last version of Flash Professional, under the circumstances that for some years, there already is support for HTML5 Canvas and WebGL in-app. You can instead use vector art brushes, audio synchronization is facilitated, and the entire platform is better integrated with other applications in Adobe Creative Cloud.

“Looking forward, we encourage designers to create content using new web standards and we will continue to focus on providing the best tools and services for designers.” In other words, Adobe has acknowledged that it is useless to keep boasting Flash.