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Adobe Flash Player vs. HTML5 – Which One Is Facebook Choosing?



It’s already been a few years since a significant number of organizations and companies have fought against Flash. Even Facebook has decided not to use that standard.

After many major websites have begun to abandon Flash for delivering dynamic content online it has become obvious to everyone that this is the trend in the industry. It was not a whim, like when Steve Jobs wrote an open letter to condemn the implementation of Flash on mobile, but a must for those who value performance and data security. Even Adobe has ceased to take pride in Flash and the application for developing animated content online is now called Animated CC instead of Flash Professional CC.

Given this introduction, the fact that Facebook has confirmed that it renounces Flash video content on the site no is longer a surprise. In exchange, the platform will use HTML5, a more popular standard in the industry. In other words, any video you see on Facebook, whether it was just posted on the social network or was taken from another part, will be played by a web player created in HTML5. The change was introduced to allow “continuous rapid and widespread innovation, considering the large size of Facebook and its complex needs.”

Before completely abandoning Flash, HTML5 player was used by Facebook, but only in tandem with certain browsers and operating systems. Over the time, it has extended to a greater number of browsers. Basically, if you are using a modern PC, there are very high chances that you already benefit from the advantages of HTML5 in your favorite browser. Initially, they discovered small loading issues and bugs in HTML5, but with this announcement, all of them have been corrected.

Unfortunately, those who hoped that they would not encounter any Flash content on Facebook will be disappointed. In terms of games on the social network, Flash player will still be used, even if the company ran by Mark Zuckerberg promised that it will work closely with Adobe to facilitate the experience without risks and problems.