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Microsoft Surface Phone: After Lumia 650, Surface Phone Coming Out In October


Microsoft Corporation has been coming out with a large number of apps and software devices, as the company has been the leader in the markets of software technology for many years now.

For the past 40 years, the company has been a dominating force in the world of software technology, and has been coming out with innovation after innovation in that field.

Microsoft Corporation’s efforts have resulted in the development of many new technologies, one of the biggest such efforts have resulted in the creation of the Windows 10 Mobile OS, where Microsoft has been getting a tremendous reaction.

The company has now been treading forward in the markets of hardware technology, and they have now been venturing harder into the mobile phone business than ever before.

Microsoft Mobiles, however, despite the company’s best efforts was dead on arrival and never actually performed the way it was supposed to. Microsoft is still sticking by the mobile phone business, and the company is now looking forward towards bringing out a major change in their mobile phone division.

Microsoft has been branding their phones as a ‘business class’ offering. The company has released the Lumia 650 as a business phone, as it features a new and improved design, which comes with an aluminum frame. The company has released the Lumia 650 with many other features, and at an exceptionally low price ($200).

However, the uphill task for the company begins here as Microsoft Corporation is now expected to come out with a Surface Phone in the next few months. (Likely to be announced in the month of October). The company is now fully interested in creating more devices branded as ‘business phones’.

The Surface Phone will be created on the lines of other surface devices, meaning that it will be a more power-packed offering than ever before. The company is expected to feature a large number of updates and upgrades, and is expected to bring out a major change in the design too. Devices from now on will be larger in size and will be coming out with a metallic texture.

The company is also expected to make features such as continuum and liquid cooling a more prominent offering. Microsoft is also expected to improve their cameras and battery life with the arrival of the Surface Phone devices.


  1. If Microsoft is serious about staying in the smartphone arena, the company needs to make its products available to the widest audience possible.

    In the US, Microsoft has been going in the opposite direction by purposely designing the 550, 650 and the 950s to not be compatible with Verizon Wireless and Sprint.

    One thought among VZW customers who have expressed an interest in Microsoft’s latest offerings is that the company is clearing out existing Lumia designs in advance of the Surface Phone.

    While this may be Microsoft’s plan, it is could backfire later on when the Surface Phone appears. The latest Lumia offerings have been priced all over the map from the inexpensive 550 and 650 to the high end 950s. Should Microsoft release a premium priced smartphone for VZW customers, that would end up presenting users with a choice between a lower end Lumia 735 and a top end Surface Phone and nothing in the middle.

    While it is fairly well known that Verizon Wireless support of Windows phones has been lacking, (read the posts of VZW sales people trying to steer prospective Windows phone purchasers to iPhones or Samsung), Microsoft can’t sidestep the largest wireless provider in the US and expect to be viable to any degree.

    • For whatever reason, MS felt there was no need to jump through w/e hoops Verizon has in place for their “Open Development” program. It may have been an oversight on MS’s part or an intentional snub… a quick read


      “Because there has been little consumer demand for Windows 10 Smartphones, Verizon has chosen to not carry the Nokia Lumia 10 in its retail channels,” said Verizon in its response.

      Verizon threw the onus right back on the folks in Redmond, stating that the Lumia 950 and 950 XL could work on its network if Microsoft had even bothered to have them certified – “If Nokia still wanted to make the device available to Verizon customers, it could have the device certified for use on the Verizon network through Verizon’s Open Development program,” Verizon added. “To date, Nokia has not chosen to do so.”

      • The response from Verizon Wireless rep speaks volumes. Primarily how they referred to Microsoft as “Nokia” and a complete mess of the name of the handset.

        Verizon Wireless isn’t fully in the clear here. I…myself…and others have noted that Verizon Wireless store employees have the tendency to steer people away from Windows phones and “up sell” them an iPhone or Android.

        If/when the Surface Phone appears, I’m planning on purchasing one…if the price isn’t way over the top & it is compatible with VZW…directly from Microsoft and bring it to VZW for activation.

      • You and me both, though I’m with T-Mobile. I was depending on my tax check to get the 950 but held off because I kept hearing whispered rumors of the Surface Phone. I LOVE my 920 but the flash has become intermittent and the lack of ntwk calling is disappointing. Along those same lines, I love my Asus T1000 but the charge-port is becoming less and less secure because I have to wiggle it a bit each time

        If/when this Surface phone comes out I’m hoping to have the best of both worlds

      • Being a T-Mobile customer does afford access to the 950 and 950XL (even though T-Mobile doesn’t sell either). I suspect that the rumored 750 & 850…if they exist…will also be GSM-only devices.

        For VZW customers like me, it will be the usual “Sorry…you can try out the phones at a Microsoft Store or a Best Buy…but you can’t use them”.

        Microsoft might initially release the Surface Phone for commercial accounts and allow consumer purchases later on.

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