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After T-Mobile, Verizon Accused of Tampering With Net Neutrality Principles


Verizon recently came up with a plan that would exclude its streaming website go 90 from data charges.

The recent plan seems to be a lot like the T-Mobile binge on plan which was aimed at providing 480 KBPS free of cost to its users for streaming videos from partner websites.

Apparently, it was this competition that influenced Verizon to deliver a same kind of plant to its uses where it excluded the go 90 service from data charges.

All the users of Verizon wireless postpaid services would be able to stream go 90 Videos over LTE without incurring any data costs.

Data plans in Verizon have recently become a little expensive. Unlimited data plans are no longer available and users would need to spend at least $30 every month for 1 GB of data to &100 for 18 GB of data per month.

Apart from this $20 is added per month for the smart phone line inclusive of taxes. For users under such an expensive Clans anything that provides free videos to them without adding up to date are charges would be really lucrative offer and thousands would fall for it.

This this plan comma just like t mobile binge on plan has sparked a lot of controversy among video service providers. By making the go 90 service free of cost for the Verizon uses the company has made it and say for other video streaming sites.

Users would now only refer to the go 90 website and would not like to stream from other services like YouTube just because it would cost them more data. This also seems to be direct violation of the US net neutrality laws which were created by the fcc almost a year back.

Verizon on the other hand has its own arrangements to come out of this accusation. According to the Telecom giant it has launched a program called the freebie data 360 program in which any content provider who is interested to provide services like go 90 can sign up and expand its scope of users.

The company has left it like an open invitation for other radio service providers to join the platforms so that they can also be treated like go 90 is treated and instead of the customer paying for its data cost this content provider would be paying for their  data.

It is unclear as to how many content providers would sign up for this 0 rating programs but as of now we only know that go 90 videos can be seen for free and no data charges would be taken from a Verizon postpaid user.