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AirBar Features – Turn Your Laptop Screen Into a Touchscreen



Although there are many portable devices with integrated touchscreens, AirBar help you transform your old laptop into a new generation device with a touch sensitive screen.

It is likely that when you have purchased your notebook, touchscreens were not fashionable or simply did not startle your interest. If in the meantime you have changed your mind and you are curious about how such a screen would make life easier, there is a very simple and easy method to attach it to your old laptop.

Those who want to turn their old notebook into a tablet can now do so with the new AirBar. During CES 2016, Neonode, a little-known company is making an effort to detail how a rod sensor entitled AirBar, can add touchscreen functionality to any ordinary monitor. All you have to do is position the device on the bottom of the screen and plug in a USB port.

The way it works is not necessarily revolutionary, but the implementation is very appealing and accessible. Basically, AirBar generates an invisible light field, called zForce AIR. By touching the screen, a person interrupts that field, and the gesture can be translated into a corresponding command to the area that you have touched.

The best part of the process is that the whole system is plug-and-play, anchoring it in the native Windows application framework for touchscreen devices. As soon as you have connected it to the system, no matter if you have a computer with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Chrome OS, AirBar will operate unhindered. There is currently no software solution to make the device compatible with Mac OS X, but the developers are working hard to adding this component. Given that AirBar will cost only 49 dollars, you can be sure that it is more profitable than to buy a new touchscreen system.