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Alexa For Echo – New AI Assistant By Amazon Can Perform Many Functions


Cortana, Siri, Google Now are all the names of voice assistants we know. There is also another name to add on the list now, that is Alexa by Amazon.

Alexa has been specially designed for Amazon’s Bluetooth speaker, Echo. The cylindrical speaker can hook itself on to almost any device to produce sounds.

However, with Alexa on board, the functions have now increased manifold. Let us take a look at the scope of functions that Alexa has.

Alexa enables searches on the internet. When you command Echo to search something, it looks up the same in the internet and reverts with a relevant answer. It is also capable of answering some complex questions.

For example, if you ask Alexa if you should be carrying an umbrella, she’ll look up the internet, check weather updates for your city and advise you if it would rain or not.

The AI helps to manage stuff for you. You can tell Alexa to remind you to carry your blue file to the meeting and she would do so at the stipulated time.

If you tell her to wake you up at 8AM, she’ll sound an alarm at that time and do that.

Perhaps the most spoken of function at this point is the way to make the assistant read your ebooks.

She can search for the book you want her to read and can read it out as per your demands.

Although she cannot pick a chapter from the book, she can skip paragraphs after she has read it for at least 30 seconds.

She can remember where you had last stopped reading and will continue from there. But that is not all. She can also pause and resume reading.

She is also capable of understanding the forward or backward commands, so that she can be used to skim between titles.

Apart from this Alexa can also be a great advisor, especially if you are planning a small function within th city.

She can look up various sources over the internet and can advise you where to go for lunch or dinner.

She can make memos to note stuff like things you need to add to your grocery list and even playing games like Jeopardy with you.

Which AI do you use? Do you think she is better than Alexa? Post your thoughts below.