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Aliens: Dark Descent – Plot Details and Gameplay Trailer Released!


Video games from almost every genre have long drawn inspiration from the Alien franchise. From the cult classic horror game Alien: Isolation to the newest installment in the series, Aliens: Fireteam Elite, this includes pretty much everything.

That being said, however, Aliens: Dark Descent, which is the next installment in the series, offers something a little distinctive.

A colonial commander commanding a team of marines fighting against hordes of Xenomorphs on an alien planet is portrayed in this real time strategy game.

Knowing that, fans got super excited when Focus Entertainment, the game’s publisher, unveiled a new trailer that showcases gameplay and gives us a clearer picture of the plot.

Twenty years have passed since the events of Alien 3 in Aliens: Dark Descent. Your team needs to fix their ship because they are stranded on the moon Lethe.

Unfortunately, there are numerous Xenomorphs in Lethe who do not appear to enjoy seeing you. You can choose to play as Mako Hayes or as Jonas Harper, two characters from various backgrounds who are just trying to survive.

We’ll be facing off against “a host of horrifying creatures new to the Alien franchise,” according to Focus Entertainment. In other words, don’t limit yourself to just the typical Xenomorphs.

We also got to see a sneak peek of the gameplay, which marks the first time in recent memory that the Alien franchise has entered the real time strategy genre.

Focus mentioned that as you explore these expansive open levels, you’ll also need to make a number of different choices.

To keep Xenomorphs off your tail, for instance, you might seal a door, but that eliminates your escape route if you need to leave that area.

Every single playthrough will feel different as a result of the push-and-pull decision making.

Additionally, each marine has a variety of specializations, skills, and weapons that you can choose from, which emphasizes the potential for replayability.

The Alien franchise hasn’t been particularly successful in the gaming world outside of Alien: Isolation. Not that there have not been any good books, but there have not been many hits.

Dark Descent may turn out to be another smash hit for the series.

On June 20, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC users can begin playing Aliens: Dark Descent, so the release is right around the corner!