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All new Google Play Store 6.0.5 with Better Speed and improvements


Google play known as Google Play Store or Android market is a digital distribution operated by Google.

It has numerous apps for all the android users, either free of charge or the user has to pay some amount to buy that particular app from the android market.

Google Plat is known as the digital media store which offers users magazines, music, books, movies and T.V program.

It has about 1.43 million apps and over 50 billions downloads. With the launch of Google Play on March 6, 2012 change the entire world in terms of technology and digital marketing.

From very beginning there are various updates in Google Play Store one can easily see with all new apps in one click a user may use it according to the users needs, like If a person has to go from one place to another in an unknown city then in one click on Google map a user can find it’s destination very easily.

If you are bored and want to listen new songs then in one click you can find number of music tracks in one go, if you want to read novels there is a huge box full of books and novels waiting for you in one click you can find your respective book and you can start reading then and there.

If we talk about the latest update in Google Play Store, Google has released its new verison of play store which is 14.45 in size.

Google Play Store 6.0.5 can be installed very easily in all the android devices, running on Gingerbread, after installing you would able to see all the new features with new improvements and bug fixes.

This new update is about after a month of 6.0.0 update with different design and looking better as usual from previous update.

Google Play Store is like on every android handset as it comes installed in every android handset.

What users need to do is to make an account on Google Play Store and they may easily search for new applications, games, movies, books etc.

The update contains patches, bug fixes and security problems because previously the update from Google, the users were facing many problems such as app was crashing rapidly and forcefully getting stopped but with this new update of 6.0.5 updated APK to solve these issues.

According to the rumors in future Google will be updating some more new features like Gift in which the users will able to send someone a gift in the form of a content.

Also one more new feature will be added which is NFC for banking transactions which will make the Google Play Store more easy to use for various users in their daily life.