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All That You Should Know About HTC One X9 –


HTC is a Taiwanese smart phone manufacturing company. It was founded in 1997. Since the establishment of the manufacturing company, it has come a long way in making smart phones and tablets. 17 years on the smart phone manufacturing company has developed into a multibillion dollar industry.

A report from November suggests that the HTC One X9 may only launch in Q1 2016 and might be positioned under the HTC One A9.

Very recently there have been some leaks of the HTC One X9 which were completely unofficial by a Chinese publication. In a different issue a Chinese have gone one step ahead and leaked a video of the HTC One X9. Following these rapid leaks one would think that the Taiwanese smart phone manufacturing company would consider launching the HTC One X9 as soon as possible before they lose the element of surprise.HTC-One-X9-752x490

In those leaked photos of the HTC One X9 in can be determined that the device is covered in a brushed aluminum unibody design same as the HTC One A9. The HTC’s Boom Sound dual front-facing speakers are highly likely to feature in the HTC One X9 which the HTC One A9 famously missed out on. Most noticeably it is seen that the HTC One X9 contains capacitive navigation buttons unlike the HTC One A9. In the leaked high resolution images it can be seen that the HTC One X9 has its rear camera on one side of the mobile phone.

For under the hood specifications the HTC One X9 is informed to have a long lasting 3000 mAh battery, with the in built storage of 16GB with the capability of expanding through a microSD card expansion. The HTC One X9 will run on an octa-core MediaTek Helio X10 processor with a 2 GB RAM. The rear camera will be of 13 MP along with the OIS and a 4 K video recording support and the front camera would be ultra pixel.

To perfectly recall right after the launch of the HTC One A9 the device and the company got into a lot of controversies in which the handset manufacturing giant the Apple made several allegations that the Taiwanese smart phone manufacturing company had copied the designs of the iPhone in their HTC One A9 but HTC were soon to respond to those allegations that it might be Apple who copied the mobile phones designs.

However there were a lot of controversies following the launch of the HTC One A9, will it be similar for the HTC One X9? Only time will tell.