Home Entertainment Altec Lansing at CES 2016 Announces DJ Headsets With Built-In Camera:

Altec Lansing at CES 2016 Announces DJ Headsets With Built-In Camera:


One of the hottest names in the markets when it comes to the world of audio, Altec Lansing had been inactive for quite a while now. The company has been coming out with some of the most premium audio gadgets in the past, but for the past few months they were off the grid in the world of technology. America’s audio specialist is now back with a bang at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, as they showed off three impressive new devices –


  1. Altec Lansing DVR-DJ Style headset:

The Altec Lansing DVR-DJ Style headset comes into the markets with a [email protected] DVR camera built into one earcup which display the exact sight of the user. The camera has been located in such a way it gives an eyesight account of the viewer. The video can be streamed over Wi-Fi or can be stored in the built-in 8GB storage. It also comes with a MicroSD card slot. The device is expected to cost $200.

  1. Freedom True wireless earbuds:

The next release from the company was that of the Freedom True wireless earbuds, which not only offer a wireless connectivity, but are also independent of each other. There is no physical connectivity between the two earbuds. This gives the users a more convenient wearing experience. Also, the devices come with a companion app which uses Bluetooth to connect with the devices. You can beep them if they are lost! The device is priced in at $150, and is water resistant and comes with a 6 hour battery life.

  1. Super LifeJacket Weatherproof Portable Speaker

The third release from the company is that of the Super LifeJacket weatherproof portable speaker, which is a follow-up to the Lifejacket 2 which came out previously. It is IP68 certified water resistant, and comes with a 100ft Bluetooth range and a 50 hour battery life. Another feature of this Altec Lansing device is that it comes with an option to charge other devices (and can be used as a power bank).