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Amazon Alexa to Receive McAfee Security Upgrade


Smart speakers are growing in popularity and Amazon’s Alexa is the main reason why this is happening. Even though most people use the smart speakers to check information such as the weather forecast, online prices and play music, they still need to make sure that their security is optimized. Here is where McAfee comes in and provides Alexa users with the ability to manage their home network security.

McAfee Secure Home Platform (for Alexa)

Even though the Mobile World Congress event is known for being the place where tech companies unveil their latest smartphones, there are other things that come out during that event. A great example of that is McAfee’s latest Secure Home Platform which has been designed to provide Alexa users with an additional level of protection.

Securing Personal Data

Considering the fact that Alexa is located in people’s homes and that its connected to different smart devices such as smartphones and TVs, no one would want their Alexa to be hacked. Therefore, the new software that McAfee developed will make sure that Alexa users don’t have anything to worry about.

Risks of Malware

The main thing that McAfee’s new software will do is to enable users to ask their Amazon smart speakers to search for online devices and network status, block or unblock specific devices, control Internet access for children services and to conduct network security scans.

“We expect further growth in cybercrime as hackers take advantage of poorly protected “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices that while themselves not particularly valuable, provide new, easy approaches to steal personal information or gain access to valuable data or network.

IoT devices also allow, as we have seen, for massive denial of service (DoS) attacks that block services and impose costs on companies and individuals” said Bruce Schneier who is a cybersecurity expert.