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Amazon Echo Now Orders Dominos Pizza and Plays Spotify Music


The Amazon echo is a Bluetooth speaker from Amazon which looks more like a cylinder and is not just a playback device but can perform a whole range of functions, to understand your instructions and then execute actions accordingly.

If you already know about the Amazon echo then there is something that you would definitely not know about it, that is the Amazon echo speaker can now be used to order pizza from Dominos.

This is possible by the artificial intelligence called Alexa.  Alexa is the brain and the heart and mind of the Amazon echo.

She can accept your instructions, execute them more precisely and can give you reminders as well. However for ordering Pizza, it is not all that simple.

Alexa cannot build your order from scratch, you would need to have a preset order first created manually in the Dominos app and then you can instruct  Alexa to place an order depending on your presets.

For example if you have made a preset order and have named it my first order’ then you can instruct Alexa to open Dominos and place your ‘my first order’.

Of course getting order delivered to your door step for some delicious Pizza is not the only thing that the Amazon echo is programmed to do for you.

According to the recent information over the Internet Amazon will now be able to have Spotify the music app supported by Alexa and consequently by the Amazon echo as well. Spotify connect is the new feature that Amazon echo has been designed to support.

With the help of this particular application you can now either sit home and listen to your favourite music all carry the Amazon echo around and listen to your favourite tracks and playlist that you created from spotify.

This has still been done by Amazon even though the Amazon Prime music and Spotify have been at loggerheads for all their existence.

This is a smart move by Amazon because Prime music cannot beat Spotify immediately as Prime music office only a million tracks while the Spotify app can now provide more than 30 millions tracks for the users; as a result if Spotify is supported by Amazon echo then more people would be interested in buying its hardware.

You can get Spotify on your Amazon echo through an app which will be available to you pretty soon.