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Amazon Echo Voice Based Virtual Assistant – Top 3 Features


The world of technology has been one which has been progressing rapidly in various leaps and bounds, and we are witnessing a major revolution in technology that is coming out.

The year 2016 is especially going to be the year when we get to see several major innovations such as the Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things take over.

Virtual Assistants will soon become common in our households, and one of the first such devices have been launched by Amazon in form of the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo has been one of the fastest growing services from Amazon in recent times. The company has been coming out with various releases time after time which have been helping push the device.

As per various reports, the company also intends to release a portable version of the same.

However, they have been trying to ensure the device gets more attention, and the Amazon virtual assistant cum speaker has now been given a brand new facility – users can now book an Uber from Amazon Echo!

Over the past week many such updates have come in, and here are three cool things you can do with your Amazon Echo –

  1. Call an Uber:

Users of the Amazon Echo can now book an Uber cab using their services. Nothing complicated about it, as all they need to say is just one simple command – ‘Alexa, book me an Uber’.

Ofcourse, you’ll need to link your account with the Alexa app before you can start doing that! This is quite a cool feature for the device.

  1. Order Pizzas

Amazon has been developing Echo to perform various tasks, and one of the coolest things that this device can do is that it can order pizza for you!

In a recent partnership with Dominos, the company has now announced that users can now link their Dominos Pizza Profile to their Alexa app, and can now order pizzas by giving voice instructions to the device!

  1. Stream Music via Spotify

In an announcement that took place yesterday, Amazon has now entered into a partnership with Spotify which will help them stream music on the Echo.

Earlier, users had to pair their device with their phone over Bluetooth in order to stream music over Spotify, but that is no longer the case now as it streams on voice instructions.

More changes are expected to follow as Amazon develops the device further with every passing day.