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Amazon Echo vs. Echo Dot – Design, Sound and Compatibility Comparison


Everybody is anxious about the Amazon Prime Day, which is soon to arrive. Not surprisingly, Amazon has reserved some of the best deals for their own products. For example, you can get the Amazon Echo for a 47% discount, meaning that it costs now £79.99 from £149.99 At the same time, Echo Dot can be purchased for £34.99 from £49.99 in a 30% discount. But which one should you buy?


This is perhaps one of the major differences between the two products. Amazon Echo is 23.5 cm tall and it has a diameter of 8.3 cm. The bottom half presents a speaker grille, while the top exhibits a ring of light. The ring can be turned in order to adjust volume. There are also two buttons for activation and mute. Meanwhile, the Echo Dot has the shape of a hocky puck. Basically it’s just the top part of the Echo without the speaker. It has only 3.2 cm in height, but it has the same diameter as the Echo.


The Echo product comes up with a 1.0 channel speaker. This means that it’s a single speaker paired with one woofer and one tweeter. It offers a decent bass and resonance if you want to listen to music or to radio. Echo Dot is even less powerful when it comes to audio. It’s okay if you want to talk to Alexa, but the music doesn’t really sound good. Thank God, you can connect it to an external speaker.


The Amazon Echo was imagined to be a standalone device. Meanwhile, the Echo Dot works better if you connect it to another external speaker. There is a list on the official Amazon website where you can check the compatible Bluetooth speakers.


They are both awesome devices, but the balance seems to hint more to the Echo Dot.