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An Android Glitch Displays Private Text Messages Of Users Who Gave Google Permission To Access Device Contacts


It seems that Android smartphones are susceptible to a strange flaw that shows your recent text messages. This happens when a specific malformed web address is entered.

If you type “the1975..com” (with two periods) for instance into the Google app, it will deliver a summary of recent conversations instead of performing a search or trying to pull up the eponymous rock band’s website.

The issue was discovered while using Google’s Pixel Launcher

A Redditor discovered by accident this issue while using Google’s Pixel Launcher. Android users can already view an SMS summary when they type “show my text messages” into the Google app. Accessing texts is not something new, it displays message contents, the sender’s number, and also the timestamps on a Google card.

On the other hand, “the1975..com” query performing the same action is new, and it’s pretty strange.

Other Reddit users quickly noted that “Vizel viagens”, “Izela viagens” and “Zela viagens” produced the same effect, and that the Galaxy S7, S8+, S9+ and HTC U11 were not immune to the glitch either.

Anything with more than two letters followed by viagens triggers the bug. Any numbers in the first portion will cause the bug not to be triggered. yes: yy viagens yes: yap viagens no: y viagens no: y1 viagens This is the most bizarre thing,” another Redditor posted.

Google has not commented on the issue 

It seems that this bug is non-threatening and it only affects users who have previously given Google the permission to access their device contacts.

If you haven’t done that, the glitch will not manifest itself, and you will see an access request prompt instead.

Google did not officially comment on the matter until now, but we;’re pretty sure that the company will take care of this issue soon enough.