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Analysis Of Best Altcoin Prices On The Market


Altcoins are cryptocurrency that can be considered an alternative for Bitcoin. However, they are not as strong and right now the prices are in the consolidation mode. The good news is that the altcoin prices are correcting, let’s see how they look like these days.

Overall, you should wait until a clear trend is established before making any moves.


DASH prices are below that 20 period MA, and it is the 27th day in a row. The price has a larger $80 range and thanks to a stochastic buy signal forming thereafter, the prices managed to get higher than before. We have to note that momentum reduced, and that is why the DASH altcoin did not manage to close over $300.

For DASH, the bull and bear trigger are below and above the support and the resistance trendlines, at $260 and $320 respectively.


For IOTA, the resistance line and the 20 period MA are clear resistance lines. IOTA managed to correct itself and it moves with a $0.11 range between $0.38 lows and $0.51 highs.


For almost all coin prices 24.10.2017 was not the best date, and the prices are still correcting from it. The LSK prices are being pushed towards the 20 period MA, thanks to the US dollar. A minor support line can be seen at $4.7. If LSK prices continue to close above this line, there is chance that these prices may go up.


The 20 period MA resistance line managed to cancel the Monero bull pressure above $95. It is recommended to stay out of this trade, at least for now. The break out on either direction depends on how long Moneo Prices consolidate within the larger $20 range.