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Android 7.0 Nougat FAQ Features


Android 7.0 is this close to being launched, but people still have many questions about it. There are three main features that attract and make everybody curious about the upcoming operating system.

The first main feature the company added is the split-screen more. It is also called the multi-window mode and it’s the feature we could find on Samsung devices but not only. The difference now is that it will be available for any device that runs Android and presumably it will work with almost all the apps. When in an app, you have to long press the Overview button (usually a square one next to Home and Back) which will split the screen in two.

Improved notifications is another thing Android Nougat will be bringing. Besides an update in appearance, the notifications are now bundled by app. This is great for organizing your notifications better, for instance e-mail ones will be shown together in the same card, which saves you time and space.

Google also developed an improved Quick Settings menu that is more useful. There are always some useful toggles placed above the usual notifications panel. Plus, you get some totally new customizable tiles whenever you swipe down, which is great. In this way you can quickly access whatever settings and apps you use more often.

Other additions that will make your life easier are the fact that you can now quickly switch between the apps. Just like the Alt + Tab function on your computer, you can double tap the Overview key and go back and forth between the most recent apps and processes. Another thing that saves you some seconds is the fact that now you can choose which apps to appear first in the small menu whenever you want to share something.


  1. Nexus 5, bought new less than a year ago, won’t be upgraded. To hell with Android; going back to iOS where Apple upgrades phones with the latest iOS for five years. Unless you’re looking to upgrade to a new phone every year or so, that “cheaper than an iPhone” Nexus is more expensive than you thought.

  2. how about work on the camera software. It’s very basic in my opinion. It should have a little more features, like pause while recording, and easy access to camera adjustments. And also modernize the UI.

  3. The camera is just an app, they could update it at any time. I agree though that it’s severely lacking in features and quality.

  4. I think the camera app depends on an API. The API has been updated since lollipop. Maybe they want to support old Android versions.

  5. Wow yea I’ve had top tier Samsung devices for so long I forgot your average android device doesn’t have these features… pause while recording, manual mode in the stock camera app, a modern UI all things a modern Samsung phone has.

    Even my Galaxy S3 has Native Multi-Window, stock Android is just now getting this feature? I got my Galaxy S3 in 2012 that’s freaking 4 years ago.

    I’m sorry but how are many of these new features?

  6. WOW ? So Samsung just got QI charging ? Awesome.. Wait. Nexus devices have it since 2012…

    Samsung have to make changes to work for only a few devices (their devices). Android has to make changes that work with nearly any hardware on the market. That’s why some features are difficult/slow to implement (fingerprint native support, stylus, etc)

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