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Android O Hottest Feature Comes with Customizable Ringtones and Notification Sounds


It’s no secret that Google’s Android is a very popular and well-loved OS that is compatible with a large variety of smart devices. Since its launch, Android has gathered a more and more extensive fan base and, for the most part, all users were satisfied with their Android devices and the way they operated. However, ever since the very beginning, Android seemed to have been missing a crucial feature: the option to select a custom ringtone.

For as long as we can remember, Android devices only allowed for inbuilt sound to be selected, and if you wanted to add a custom song, then you had to retort to some sort of third-party app, or some very complicated procedures. All in all, it wasn’t ever really worth the trouble to try and give your phone that extra bit of personality with custom ringtones. As a longtime Android user, I have always personally kept my phone on vibrate, in lack of a better option. But all that’s about to change very soon.

Android O – Customization Heaven

If we were to judge from what we know up until now, then we’d have to venture to say that Android O’s main goal is to achieve the best level of customization for Android devices possible. It truly seems that Google has finally heard our pleas and will soon give us what we’ve always wanted from our smartphone.

According to the folks over at Android Police, the inbuilt ringtone menu now has a new option at the very bottom of the list that reads ‘Add Ringtone’. By selecting it, you can easily browse your library of sounds and choose what suits you best, such as a longtime favorite song, or your current favorite, or who knows, crazy SFX or nature noises. It’s all up to you.