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Android One Moto X4 to be Updated to Android 8.1 Oreo


With this piece of news comes the fact that the March 2018 security fix is included in this whole package, too. And we’re thrilled to tell you even more.

How the Moto X4 device still rocks even these days

Despite the fact that current reports show that Motorola will scrap its intends to release a new device this year, the Moto X5, its predecessors, the Moto X4 still stays as an extraordinary device, if we’re to compare it to other mid-go smartphones that you can easily purchase at present. Really, they’re everywhere.

Subsequent to being updated to the 8.0 Android Oreo operating system in late December last year, the Android One variant of the X4 device is currently getting an update, which means that the gadgets will soon have the 8.1. Android Oreo operating system.

The update doesn’t give much except the security patch

The Android 8.1 update is a minor one, yet all things being considered, it’s consoling to see that the company, Motorola, is focused on its guarantee of offering the proper fast software support for the Android One variation of this device.

This software experience ought to be, for the most part, the same if we are to make a comparison with the 8.0 Android Oreo. But if we’re to look closely, one detectable (easy-to-see, may we add) change is with regards to the upgrade of the old security patch to the latest one, which made its appearance in March this year.

If Motorola wants to take after a similar pattern of the same ol’ Android 8.0 Oreo release for the Moto X4 devices, we should see the consistent, non-Android variant updated sooner or later, perhaps in April this year.