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Android Wear 2.0 to be released in early 2017


Unfortunately for those who were really curious about what the upcoming Android Wear 2.0 would look like, they’ll have to wait a little bit longer than anticipated as the OS has been pushed back to early 2017. However, on the fortunate side, the upcoming OS will also come with Google Play.

Google has officially announced that the upcoming Android Wear will not be launched this fall as it was initially thought, and that it will roll out on smartwatches starting with early 2017.

At the same time, Google has released several previews and more are expected to come until the release of the final build for Android Wear 2.0.

The third developer preview (and the latest) showcased a very interesting feature and that is the incorporated Google Play Store which will enable users to download apps of any kind whether they are paid, for free or beta versions directly onto the smartwatch. This means that it will no longer be necessary to download the apps on the handset first. Smartwatches and wearables that run Android Wear 2.0 have to be paired with an Android based smartphone in order to get access to most of their functions.

Essentially, this new feature will allow users to use the same apps that they would normally use on a smartphone and it’s very probably that developers will start working on apps that are specifically designed for smartwatches. Still, it will take a while until smartwatches will be completely independent from smartphones and it appears that the inclusion of Google Play Store is a very good step in that direction.

Sure, it’s not going to be as easy to browse through an app list on a smartwatch than it is on a handset but it will certainly require less actions on the part of the user to get an app to their smartwatch.


  1. Not happy I have to wait, but at least it’ll give the wallet a little recovery time after the 4th… Pixel phone, a couple Home and WiFi…

  2. This totally stinks, but I’m just glad there is some news at all. They have been so silent for so long I’m happy to hear anything.

  3. Two quick things:

    1. Theater mode is back.
    2. “OK Google” works normally again.

  4. So many stupid doom and gloom comments. This is normal in this industry projects get pushed back all the time it usually means improvements

  5. naw man programming is easy and takes zero time so any delay equals doom.

  6. I don’t understand why people are mad at this.. Having a delayed update with extra improvements on the way is tons better than having a rushed and unfinished one.

  7. No google fit integration and STILL no theater mode. NOPE NOPE NOPE not going to happen with me. I flashed preview 2, couldn’t get the screen to turn off in a movie… flashed right back to 1.5.

    Their implementation, while colorful, is awful.

  8. Theatre mode? Pretty sure my Moto 360 has it, swipe down and it’s on the right

  9. honestly, this is probably good news, right? considering how terrible the first 2.0 dev preview was. this means they’re trying to fix it!

  10. Man, I was really hoping for a Google replacement to my aging Gen 1 Moto 360. It crashes literally every day, and I don’t think I can wait another 6 to ? months for a replacement. (I’m assuming the release is delayed to coincide with watch release.)

    I’d be interested in the S3, but I’m curious how well it will tie into non-Samsung Android devices. For example: Control of (phone-based) Google Play Music and Pocket Casts, messaging and gmail notifications, etc.

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