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Anne Hidalgo demands festival of black feminist to be banned which ‘prohibits’ white people!


Anne Hidalgo, Paris mayor, has asked for the event of black feminist in French capital to be disqualified, as it “prohibits” white people.

The initial version of Nyansapo event, expected to start from July 28- July 30th at Paris cultural centre, which ingrained in black feminism, involvement rule.

In France, people live, laugh as well as marry but we are less specific about future, says Elise Vincent.

Some part of the event area would be set apart as the space “non-mixed” for black women, as per their website. Other space will become area of “non-mixed” for black people irrespective of the gender. Rest of the space will stay open to all.

The site’s English variety does not use word “non-mixed”, though they used the word “earmarked”.

On Twitter, Hidalgo also said that she decisively destined group “of the incident, ‘banned to white people’”.

Michel Delpuech, The monitor of police also said in the declaration that the police never advised about an event by late weekend evening. On the other hand, he said, the police “will confirm about severe compliance followed of standards, laws and ideologies of republic”.

Moreover, French antisemitism and anti-racist organizations sturdily condemned this festival. SOS Racisme also described this event as the mistake, also an abomination, since it stumble in ethnic separation, while anti-racism is the movement that look to go beyond the race”.

La Générale, where this event was to get presented, and communal Mwasi, that organized this event, said they were main “target of the propaganda movement with ‘false news’ which is scored by obscenest right”.

“We also are distressed to look at the specific connotations of anti-racist allowing them to be deployed, read the statement which is given on Generale site.