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Apex Legends Mobile Player Numbers On Its First Day Were Staggering


As component of a preliminary rollout, Electronic Arts has made Apex Legends Mobile available in 10 nations across the globe. Players in countries such as Indonesia; New Zealand; Australia; Singapore;  the Philippines; Malaysia;  Mexico: Peru: Argentina, & Colombia should now be able to enjoy the title as well. Participants will be able to take on the roles of Gibraltar; Bloodhound; Bangalore; Lifeline; Wraith;  Octane; Mirage;  Caustic and Pathfinder throughout this limited-release game.

It is, however, restricted to those in the United States and Canada. In a blog post, the game’s makers indicate that they’ll provide information on the worldwide launch after they’ve gathered enough information from the restricted regional launch to do so. The post’s last words, though, were Those who live from one of the nations involved in the trial have the opportunity to sign up for the program. At this point in time, we’re still constantly evaluating the app all across the globe, and we’re looking forward to welcoming more gamers when it goes live.

Apex Legends Mobile will also not be able to play alongside the console or PC versions of the game, according to the article. Other smartphone manufacturers supported include: Oppo & Huawei; Xiaomi; Vivo;  as well as other well-known names like Motorola & Samsung. Limited support does not extend to iPhones and iPads under 2GB of RAM. Anyone that pre-registered for the videogame should be able to get it immediately.

Apex Founder’s badge; R-99 Epic Skin; Bloodhound Epic Skin;  Bloodhound Banner Pose; and Bloodhound Banner Frame will indeed be given to those who pre-register for the title. Once the videogame is ready for download, these incentives will be provided to users.