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Apple 6.1-inch LCD iPhone X – An Affordable Smartphone Dedicated to True iOS Fans


Even though Apple might not want to unveil any important details about its upcoming iPhone lineup, keeping a secret in the smartphone industry is impossible. The internet is buzzing with leaks and rumors in anticipation of Apple’s next-generation iPhone X and one of those leaks is showing that the Cupertino based tech-giant is planning something totally unexpected, an affordable model of iPhone X!

Affordable iPhone X

Apple is renowned for innovating the smartphone industry with cool features, powerful hardware specs, but it all comes at a price. Apple products are known for being expensive and not everyone can afford them.

In fact, Apple has received lots of criticism this past couple of years from people who believe that the tech giant is launching devices only for high-ranged budgets and doesn’t care about people who don’t want to spend $1,000 for a smartphone.

On the bright side of things, the latest leaks surrounding Apple are hinting towards a 6.1-inch iPhone X model that uses LCD display technology. With that said, let’s check out everything there is to know about the upcoming smartphone.


According to a recent leak that comes from Apple’s supply chain, the affordable iPhone X model will measure in at 150.91 mm by 75.72 mm and it will have a thickness of 8.47mm. Therefore, the LCD iPhone X will be a little bit thicker than the standard iPhone X model.

CPU Power

Recent reports are showing that Apple has teamed up with TSMC in order to manufacture a brand-new 7-nanometer CPU that is branded as A12. The new CPU will inevitably be installed on Apple’s next-generation iPhone X. However, the LCD iPhone X is probably going to be powered by the current A11 Bionic CPU since Apple needs to compromise on hardware power to make it affordable.