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Apple Confirms macOS Mojave is Launching on September 24th


Apple revealed lots of cool devices during its big press conference yesterday. Even though most of the press conference was focused on the new iPhone XS and Watch Series 4, Apple didn’t forget about its operating system updates. Apple is scheduled to launch major updates for all its platforms and it announced that the highly anticipated macOS Mojave will be available for download starting September 24th.

macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave has been in the beta for a while now and fortunately, Apple is finally ready to release it. This is amazing news for Apple fans everywhere because macOS Mojave comes with a bunch of software improvements and new features that will take Apple’s desktop operating system to the next level. In fact, let’s check out some of the new features that macOS Mojave contains.

New Dark Mode

The first feature that Apple fans are going to notice after installing the brand-new macOS Mojave is the Dark Mode. Office hours are now going to be more pleasant and easier on the eyes. In addition, Apple announced that this is a system-wide Dark Mode and that it lowers the brightness of everything.


Another cool feature that is being introduced alongside macOS Mojave is called Stacks. This feature has been requested by Apple fans for a long time now, and luckily, it’s finally here. Stack makes it easier for Apple fans to organize their desktops because it takes all files and categorizes them by format, name, size and so on.

Updated Finder and Better Screenshot App

macOS Mojave contains an updated version of Finder that lets Apple fans perform all types of quick actions without having to open other apps. While this might not be some groundbreaking feature, it’s still nice to have. Lastly, macOS Mojave will also introduce a new screenshot app.