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Apple Introduces The Apple Silicon M2 Chip – Is There Any Reason To Upgrade?


The advancement of the M1 processor has allowed Apple devices to achieve world-class capability in recent times. As the first processor in Apple Silicon’s series, the M1 gave Macs a significant performance boost over its rivals in graphics, processing, and memory. Almost all Mac products have been upgraded to contain an M1 processor since Apple’s Silicon shift started. The next iteration of Apple silicon, the M2 chip, was unveiled just at the 2022 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

Apple’s announcement of the M2 chip follows that of its M1 Ultra, which enabled the development of the colossal Mac Studio. The M2 was really not Apple’s only new product. Further details, including pricing and accessibility, were also revealed at WWDC for the first 2 Macs getting the M2 update.

This processor is a powerhouse, according to Apple. An 18% increase in CPU speed and the potential to do approximately sixteen trillion calculations per second are just some of the features of the compact chip. MacOS Ventura was also unveiled, which would provide performance & multitasking options to Mac users using Apple software.

The MacBook Air plus the 13-inch MacBook Pro would be the first two laptops to feature the M2 processor. Apple’s Air has gained a new fan-less architecture that enables it to be even smaller than before. Battery life is guaranteed to last all day (approximately 18 hours of footage playing) and 4K and 8K footage may be viewed and edited. There will be even more horsepower in the MacBook Pro, although it has not yet received a new case. Apple TV+ upgrades, iPadOS patches, and new functionality for old Apple applications were all included in this material.