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Apple iOS 12 – Top Five Most Exciting Features


Apple fans should be happy to know that a major iPhone and iPad update is coming for this fall. The Cupertino tech-based giant announced that it plans to launch the highly anticipated iOS 12 during fall and that the update will introduce lots of exciting new features. With that being said, today we are going to take a closer look at what type of features iOS 12 will contain and how Apple fans will benefit from them.

Faster iPhones

Apple and Samsung are always in a race to create the most powerful smartphone on the market. Apple managed to do that with iPhone X which destroys all benchmark tests, but it looks like this wasn’t enough for Apple. The reason we are saying this is because iOS 12 will optimize iPhones to run faster than usual.

One of the biggest issues that Apple is dealing with is selling older iPhones. However, that is going to change once iOS 12 arrives because the upcoming update will make older iPhones such as 6+ feature faster performances. In fact, Craig Federighi who is Apple’s VP of software engineering is saying that iOS 12 will help older iPhones launch apps 40% faster, open the camera 70% quicker and launch the keyboard 50% faster.


One of the coolest features that Apple’s latest iPhone X has to offer are animojis. While this feature might be fun to use, Apple is looking to take things to the next level by introducing memojis. Memojis will allow iPhone and iPad owners to create emoji versions of themselves and then send them in iMessages and on other instant text messaging apps.

Memojis will use the AR (augmented reality) technology that is implemented in iPhones and create high-definition emoji-like pictures of people. Even though the new feature will be fun to use, we have to admit that it will not change the way people use their iPhones. However, the next feature will change everything!

Notification Tray Update

As we all know, iOS and Android are always being compared and the department in which Android usually takes the win is the notification tray. Google’s Android operating system automatically sorts notifications which makes it easier for users to respond or dismiss them.

Luckily, Apple seems to be listening to the user feedback it’s receiving because iOS 12 will update the notification tray. The new notification tray will feature grouped notifications and all text messages will be bundled together.

App Limitations

Smartphones make our lives easier and there’s no doubt about that. However, we tend to spend too much time on our smartphones and this is becoming a major concern. Apple wants people to be able to control how much time they spend looking at the display of their iPhones by adding app limitations and activity usage reports.

Therefore, iOS fans will be able to limit the amount of time they use certain apps such as Facebook which is known for being time draining. In addition, iOS fans will also be able to check exactly how much time they spend on Facebook and decide if they need to cut down on its activity or not.

Major FaceTime Update

FaceTime is one of the classic features that makes iPhones amazing. Apple wants to improve FaceTime’s abilities and iOS 12 will make it possible for 32 participants to get into the same group video call.

As if this wasn’t amazing enough, participants will also be able to use their brand-new memoji in FaceTime, just like Snapchat’s animojis work. Another FaceTime feature will make it so that the person who is currently talking to appears in the largest square.