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Apple iPad Air 3 – Flash, Speakers, Smart Connector


Apple has been a name which has always been a ‘giant’ in the world of technology right since its inception.

The company has been coming out with some of the most popular innovations in the world of technology.

The co-founder of the company, Steve Jobs was one of the most iconic individuals of the recent times and was one of those men who believed that innovation in technology has the true power to change the world.

Steve Jobs is no longer with us, but his legacy is that of an innovative company, as Apple continues to innovate their offerings. The company has been rumoured to be working on the iPhone 6c/5se/7c/5e off late, and is also expected to be working on the iPad Air 3.

Both the devices are expected to come out together late in the month of March or early in the month of April.

Apple has now been working on the iPad Air 3, which is expected to come out with some of the most visible innovations the iPad division has witnessed in recent times. The latest iPad is being kept as quite a secret by Apple, but the details have now emerged via a leaked cover for the device.

Leaked covers have been the cause of several leaks in recent times, including the Lumia 850, Samsung Galaxy S7, and now the iPad Air 3.

The leaked cases show the possibility of the following features:

  1. Flash

The gen next iPad Air 3 device will be coming out with the feature of flash. That has been assumed as the hole in the cover for the camera slot has been made big enough to accommodate the flash feature. Flash had been a feature which had been missing from the device but has now been brought in.

  1. 5mm jack

This news comes in as a major relief among various speculations regarding apple axing the 3.5mm jack in the devices of the future. The case does show a space for the 3.5mm jack, and it looks like Apple has no intentions to remove it before September.

  1. 4 Speakers

Apple looks like it is taking the iPad Pro model forward, as the company has now introduced space for four speakers in the iPad Air 3. This is quite similar to what the company had for the iPad Pro, and a more dynamic sound will now be a part of it.

  1. Smart Connector

The iPad Pro smart connector was quite a useful thing for the iPad Pro, but it now looks like Apple has the same plans in mind for the iPad Air 3, as the case has a slot for the smart connector. Apple’s plans regarding the smart connector in the iPad Air 3 are still a mystery, but speculations suggest they are for a keyboard.

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