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Apple iPad Air3 and iPhone 5SE to be Launch on March 15


The Apple iPad Air3 and the iPhone 5SE may be the most rumored devices in the tech world today. With so much of information going around on various sites it is hard not to think about what the actual device might be liked.

March 15th 2016, according to 9to5Mac might be the date when the iPad Air3 and the iPhone 5SE could see a launch. This is a tentative date and since the  main event more than six weeks away there could be a change in date.

The tech scenario is so dynamic that changes take place almost every six to seven days. Every new day brings a new term of events. So saying for sure what could happen in a period of 6 weeks is a rather difficult job.

In fact the more reliable the source the more lightly they are to come up with completely shocking information at the last moments. The nearer you get to the event the more precise the findings become.

After September the March event is going to be the first one for 2016 were we are going to see new devices for sure. The company is expected to focus on 3 types of devices this event, the iPhone, the iPad and the Apple watch.

According to the rumors the Apple CEO Tim Cook is going to reveal the 4 inch iPhone 5SE, the iPad Air3 and announce some watch updates.

Not much is known about this event, but more information will be available down the line. The upcoming mobile world congress and world wide developers conference that we popularly know as the MWC and the WWDC are also going to bear chances of seeing some declarations on Apple products.

What is commendable is that even after the launch of large 6 inch devices Apple will be interested to proceed with 4 inch screens and 1 GB RAM.

As for the iPad Air3 not much has been discussed yet except that this device will have a 9.7 inch screen, a rear camera with an LED flash and would have iPad Pro like speakers.

Perhaps the Apple watch 2 could be  seen but more chances are that the existing one will get updates and more attractive wrist bands.